TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week



Bhabhi ji GPH?:

Angoori has left home and gone somewhere. Tiwari ji is sad and Vibhuti is also upset. Vibhuti consoles Tiwari. They miss Angoori and feel there is nothing happiness left. Vibhuti stays with Anita, and feels Tiwari will try to get Anita’s sympathy. Later on, Vibhuti goes to do robbery, when Anita says she is pregnant. Saxena catches Vibhuti and beats him. When Tiwari gets to know that Vibhuti chose the wrong path to take care of the baby, he feels ashamed. When Anita breaks out that she is not pregnant, Tiwari gets glad.

Mere Angne Mein:

Preeti’s haldi is going on. Mohit has come there wearing the saree. Everyone dance and enjoy. Shanti takes photos of everyone. Mohit goes to meet Preeti. He has come in Shanti Sadan to take Preeti with him. Shanti later gets to know that Mohit has come as the woman and gets her anger out of Kaushalya and Riya. Mohit forces Preeti and ties her. He then marries Preeti and this creates a big drama at Shanti Sadan.


There is Mahila morcha entry in Saathiya’s track. The women come to support Gaura and come to beat the torturing bahu Meera. They trouble Meera and slap her. Meera cries and make her apologize. Vidya stops the women and defends Meera. The women try to beat Meera. Meera cries and asks them to stop. She recalls the Bahu morcha women and take their help. Bahu Morcha and Saas Morcha fight and beat each other. Guara hides in her room, and Meera brings her out. She asks the bahus to beat their chief guest Gaura as well. Vidya saves Gaura from beaten up. In Modi house, Paridhi has come back and asked Sona to get the gold equal to Tolu. She keeps this condition and asks her to leave from Tolu’s life. Sona is tensed that she can lose Tolu’s love and Modi family.


Naitik cries in the room and Akshara overhears him. Akshara is doubting on Naitik. Naitik was about to tell Akshara about Kuhu, who is actually Shaurya’s daughter. But before he could say, Naksh comes there. Naitik wants to hide this truth till Ananya’s marriage. Naksh tells Akshara that he knows Naitik is lying to them about his work, there is something else bothering Naitik. Naitik has brought Kuhu with him to India, and Akshara gets shocked. The holi function gets shocking for the entire family with Kuhu’s entry.


Shagun meets Shanaya and invites her for her godh bharai/baby shower function. Shagun, Mrs. Bhalla, Mrs. Iyer, and Simmi come at Raichand house. Niddhi follows them to find Shanaya’s truth. Niddhi reaches there. Niddhi doubts seeing Shagun changing her expressions. Ishita acts like Shanaya again and hides her truth.


Gayatri attacks on Rageshwari by an arrow and then saves her by pushing her down. Rageshwari scolds Savitri and then gets to know that she would have died if Savitri did not save her. Rag>eshwari thanks Savitri. Gayatri has won Rageshwari and Rana ji’s trust by playing this trick.


Suhani has come back with a glamorous look. Suhani is not happy as she has done this for Dadi. Suhani believes beauty does not matter and wants to expose Barbie. She lets Barbie play her game, and wants to catch Barbie red handed to prove Dadi and Barbie’s conspiracy against her. Suhani is angry with Yuvraaj, who did not wait for her and married Barbie. Barbie uses the child to emotionally blackmail the family. She worries seeing Suhani back and acts of committing suicide. While Suhani knows Barbie’s truth who has hypnotized her and got her kidnapped too, Suhani keeps an eye on Barbie’s moves. Barbie will be showing her true colors in coming track, which will make Dadi cry on her mistake.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi has confessed his feelings to Pragya. Sukun mila…. plays in BG. Pragya becomes his heart’s fairy. Abhi holds her hand and expresses his love. Viewers were waiting for this moment since long. Abhi gets on his knees and proposes Pragya. Abhi has kept his ego on side and proposes Pragya infront of the world, during his concert. Pragya wants to expose Tanu and gets speechless.


Simar has normalized Mata ji. Simar has got Chandramani and all the family women take an oath to make the Chudails leave from the house. Simar says they will show the family unity power. Simar puts Mata Rani’s sindoor at the door and makes a Rekha. Malti appears there and fools Simar. She enters the house and says it was her plan to make Simar get that Chandramani. Simar and Khushi call Choti Dulhan ghost there to get help from her. Chotu Dulhan signs them that she does not know about anything about Malti’s plans.


Kunj does Bhaangra and sings Suno ek thi kaanch ki gudiya…. Jogi mahi …..Kunj’s entry surprises Twinkle and she happily wipes her tears. It so happens when Twinkle started wedding planning work. It is her first assignment and she makes all the necessary arrangements. Yuvi who has threatened to spoil the event, starts troubling Twinkle by his tricks again. Twinkle gets to know that singer did not turn up in the party. The client blames Twinkle and cries. But Kunj manages the function. He has come as savior for her, he is her hero who stands with her always. He saved Twinkle’s work from spoiling. Kunj has set the party with band baaja baraat. Kunj brings happiness for Twinkle.


Ved tells Bhabho about his school assignment topic. Bhabho looks worried and recalls the incident where she lost her brother at the shootout on India-Pak border. Bhabho did not share this pain with anyone till now. Sooraj is trying to find Bhabho’s fear. Arzoo is innocent and doing everything by her heart, which makes Sandhya doubt on her more. Arzoo gives tiffin to Gul every day, and this makes Sandhya curious to meet the girl who is providing homemade food for workers.



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