Raman and Ishita close to their aim in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…


yeh hai mhbtn9

Family members come to know that Shanaya is actually Ishita. They get happy and plan Ishita’s godh bharayi/baby shower rasam with Shagun’s godh bharayi.. Mrs. Iyer, Mrs. Bhalla, Simmi, Shagun and Ruhi make her get ready. Shanaya is invited for Shagun’s godh bharayi. When she reaches there, Mrs. Bhalla cries and says she is Ishita. Mrs. Iyer asks her why she is troubling her with new identity. Vandita tells her that she got a new life seeing her. Ishita breaks down and tells everyone that she is Ishita. There will be a happy union. The family members make her ready for the function as they know that the baby which Shagun is carrying is of Ishita. Shagun also gets ready and hides from Sarika’s eyes, as everyone is hiding Ishita’s fact from her. Sarika asks why is Shagun wearing ghunghat? Mrs. Bhalla tells her that it is none of her matter and asks her to stay away. Sarika is irked. Nidhi is angry as someone have torn her passport. Sarika and Nidhi share hands. Later, Ashok also reaches the place and tries to know about the Shanaya- Ishita truth, but he is teased by Raman and Simmi. Simmi teases Ashok and tells that he can’t have a baby and be a dad. Ashok gets angry.

Sarika and Niddhi have doubt that Shanaya is Ishita. Shanaya calls Ashok and is fooling him. She acts sweet to him and asks him to get her purse from her car. He has become Shanaya’s puppet. Ashok expects to get some benefit from all his efforts. Ishita makes Niddhi jealous. Ishita sits in godh bharai rasam with Raman. Sarika tries to lift her ghunghat. Ishita goes to room and comes in Shanaya’s getup again.


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