Vivaan aids Chakor in rescuing Aditya….



Suraj and his goons have kidnapped Aditya. Chakor tells Bhuvan that Aditya is Ishwar’s son. This makes Bhuvan regret a lot for his mistake. Chakor rushes to haveli to get Aditya freed. Kasturi blames Bhuvan for risking Aditya and Chakor’s lives. Bhuvan tells her that he was threatened by Bhaiya ji about Imli’s life. Chakor reaches the haveli to save Aditya. Suraj, Imli and Bhaiya ji humiliate Chakor. Bhaiya ji asks her to clean his shoes, to get Aditya back. Chakor apologizes to Bhaiya ji. Meanwhile, Vivaan comes across Aditya in haveli. Aditya asks Vivaan to help him. Chakor leaves from haveli and tries to find Aditya everywhere. Vivaan tells Aditya that he will rescue him. Imli gifts a music player to Bhuvan for helping Suraj in nabbing Aditya. Bhuvan throws the music player and scolds Imli. Ranjana succeeds to get Tejaswini’s phone. She quickly deletes Vivaan’s voice recording, where he admitted to help Chakor.



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