Adarsh and Swadheenta’s love with logical drama in Dahleez

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Swadheenta has been nervous in the first hearing of the first case of her career. She could not imagine herself standing to defend the case infront of top lawyer A K Singhvi. She gets tensed as Singhvi starts dominating her in the court room. He uses clever words to trap her and puts all the blame to use this case for her benefits. Swadheenta could not utter a word properly and gets strained.

She loses hope another time that she could get justice for the farmers. Adarsh gets to know about the court proceedings. Being a positive guy, he pacifies Swadheenta that little things happen in the beginning. He makes her realize that she stopped the case from ending in first hearing and took it ahead. He asks Swadheenta to prepare proper documents in two days. Adarsh’s feelings for Swadheenta get intensified. Adarsh tries helping her without informing her. Adarsh’s official contacts are not known to her till now. He calls her up and to lessen her stress. He asks her to meet on a coffee date. Will she give her nod for the coffee date? Keep reading.

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