Ram-Sita’s Van-daman for Dharm Sthapana and Kalyaan…

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When Ram turns his face away to leave, his clothes get stuck in Sita’s bangle. He stops and can’t see her crying. Sita is adamant that she will go with vanvaas with him. Ram tries explain her a lot that he can’t take her. She runs after him calling out Shri Ram……. When they express each other their feelings through their eyes and tears, an emotional song ye moh moh ke dhaagi plays in BG.

Sita wants to do her Patni Dharm and head for vanvaas with Ram. Ram is not willing to take her knowing the difficulties he will face in the jungle. Sita convinces Ram finally by her explained speech, wherein she asks him not to fail her in her Dharm by leaving her in Raj Bhavan. Ram takes Sita along on vanvaas. Sumitra gets another shock when Laxman breaks the news of accompanying Ram and Sita on vamvaas. His decision affects Urmila and it becomes another mourning reason for Raghukul. Kaushalya and Sumitra lose two of their sons because of Kaikeyi’s obstinacy.

Sita turns Ram into a vanvaasi. She makes him wear ordinary vanvaas clothes and gets into common attires. She stands with him in the last puja they do in the Raj Bhavan. She tells the family that they both will leave for vanvaas. Laxman tries convincing Urmila to have her trust on him. Urmila agrees for Laxman’s decision seeing his big sacrifice and such love for his brother Ram. Urmila gives her consent to Laxman. Ram, Sita and Laxman will head for vanvaas for Dharm Sthapana/establishment. They will be doing Kalyaan of many people on the new way of their lives.

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    Thank u thank u so much for Siya ke ram spoilers………. after a long time a spoiler……………

    The spoilers is bringing tears on my eyes………. But proud of Mata Urmila………….. well go skr team………

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