SanDhir come close to share a very emotional moment in Sadda Haq Season 2

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Sadda Haq

Sanyukta comes to meet Randhir after coming to know of his mom’s demise and she has also been trying to find out what he was doing for several months in the past. Randhir soon realizes that Sanyukta came to give him support and comfort after she got to know about his mom. After a bit of reluctance from his side, both fall for an emotional hug, followed by tears due to the intensity of the circumstances and emotions. Their unrealized love quietly found its place amidst those moments and such a reunion happen after a considerable time. However, at this junction, Randhir is still coping with his loss while trying to ascertain what Sanyukta was doing and where she was working in the past months, this is in accordance with his allotted tasks for the project.

Apart from their moment of togetherness to share the loss, both are gradually inching closer to unravel their respective past. Amidst this scheme of things, there is Aryan, who is getting closer to know about Randhir’s possible stay at an orphanage. How SanDhir’s relationship going to progress post their emotional moments ? How their past and work-related duties going to affect their present and future?

SaddaHaq - SanDhir's emotional hug

Sanyukta and Randhir get closer

When Sanyukta finds out about Randhir's emotional hardships in the past two years, will she end up growing closer to him? Watch #SaddaHaq , every Mon-Sat at 6:30 PM to find out!

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    Superb cant wait…thanks for spoilers 🙂

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    Amazing…have no words to describe it…thanks for spoilers…pls put more spoilers on Sadda Haq…

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    nilanjana Sarkar

    Yayyyyyyy… At least… sandhir will b together again ??

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    uff….wht abt aryukta

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    finally a Sadda Haq spoiler..tnxx a lot

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    finally got a spoiler of Sadda Haq… thnxx a lot..

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