Rajjo’s track to end with mega marriage drama….in Tashan E Ishq….

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Twinkle takes Rajjo to the mandap. Rajjo is getting married to her lover. There is tashan twist again. Chaudhary was troubling Kunj for Rajjo’s marriage. Rajjo is happy marrying her true love Raja. Yuvraj goes to provoke Chaudhary against Kunj. He goes with Chaudhary to find Kunj and Twinkle. Chaudhary is angry that Kunj has run away with Twinkle and cheated Rajjo. Yuvi says we can find them, and Chaudhary will kill them. Chaudhary finds Kunj and Twinkle leaving in the bus and catches Kunj, Twinkle, Rajjo and Raja on the way. Raja is caught and beaten up. Rajjo cries and begs to her dad to accept Raja and forgive her. Yuvi’s plans to take revenge from Twinkle and Kunj fail badly. Chaudhary will agree to Rajjo and Raja’s love and marriage. Rajjo’s track will end with this marriage scene.





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