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Resham Dadi comes to Pushkar. She meets Rathis and slaps Sandhya hard for accusing innocent Arzoo. She curses Sandhya and says you will never be happy. This moment have brought sadness for the Rathi family and they believe that Arzoo can’t be terrorist. Sandhya feels she have done a mistake and regrets for doubting at Arzoo. Sandhya goes to recheck the incidents happened that day. She realizes Arzoo was just helping her and feels guilty of doubting Arzoo.

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Sesha is madly in love with Ritik. She tries to consummate her love relationship and takes Shivanya’s avatar. Sesha tries hard to get close to Ritik and attract him by her beauty. Ritik slaps her hard and Sesha gets angry. He holds her neck and scolds her. She takes her naagin avatar. Ritik catches Sesha in her Naagin avatar. Ritik puts some tantric given powder on Sesha to control her.


Maheshwari family stage Laksh’s death after rescuing him from Kavya’s deadly plan to kill him. Kavya comes there wearing pallu to see if Laksh is really dead. Laksh is seen lying down on the aarthi. Swara lifts her pallu and reveals her face. Inspector sees Kavya/actual Tania alive and asks her to surrender. Laksh gets up from the arthi and slaps Kavya hard. Kavya gets shocked seeing Laksh alive. Inspector is about to arrest her, but Kavya being a smartie, fools them and kidnaps Annapurna. She makes a smooth escape. Later, family gets together for holika dahan which is meant to end bad things, but this time bad will win. Kavya was stabbing Laksh and Ragini comes in between. Ragini gets stabbed to save Laksh. Swara and Laksh rush Ragini to the hospital

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Meera warns Dharam and Gaura and asks them to better understand, and not to trouble her sister Vidya. Gaura and Dharam are shocked. Gaura tells Meera that Vidya has to give her baby to Nayya. Meera has become Jhansi ki rani and protects her little sister. Shravan and Vidya stand silent. Nayya acts and tells that she is unwell. Gaura shows concern towards Nayya. Gaura will stage a fake murder of Dharam and will accused Meera for killing him. Meera will be jailed for Dharam’s murder.


The devil asks Prem to give Chandramani. Prem, Simar and others throw Chandramani at each other. Devil is angry at them and tries to get the chandramani. He holds Simar’s neck and asks them to give chandramani. Roli puts the chandramani in the fire as Simar asks her to destroy it. The devil gets angry and kidnaps Roli in anger before vanishing. Devil feels that whoever have touched the chandramani for the last time will gain powers, and he will try to recover powers from Roli now. All the family members are shocked. Simar will try to get her sister back anyhow. Tantrik reaches there, but doesn’t know how to catch the devil. Simar has gone to take blue flower from the jungle to control the devil. The devil gets to know this, and goes to kidnap Roli. Dr. Prerna has entered the show. The devil captures Roli and takes her away. Simar runs them and was getting hit by a car. Dr. Prerna saves Simar. She will be befriending Simar and new twist will come.

Hamari Adhuri Kahani:

Maha Dayan hurts Radhika with her powers. Radhika pours gangajal on maha dayan, and she gets shocked and falls on ground, during Poornima night. Maha Dayan will be defeated and faints.

Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti has made Riya and Mohit’s video, which she will interpret wrong infront of the family. She is very happy to use the proof against Riya at the marriage function. Nandu’s attempt to stop Preeti’s marriage fails. Shanti is on cloud nine and makes a special doli for Riya. Riya too decorates the doli thinking its for Preeti. Shanti tells Sarla that this time she will do Riya’s bidaai.

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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Vasundara has lit fire at home to save herself. She wants to trap someone else. Vasundara lights fire in Thapki’s room. Thapki comes and gets shocked. Bihaan and everyone try to blow off the fire. Vasundara did drama to show fire was lit by someone else. She does so to hide the photo album kept in cupboard. She succeeds in hiding the truth. Thapki will know that Vasundara is the person who forced Bihaan to marry Thapki. Thapki will challenge Vasundara and stay in the house.

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant:

Rajni makes a super roti in the first rasoi ritual. Rajni smiles cooking so many dishes, which shocks the family. Rajni brings the perfect jumbo roti. She sweetly smiles. Shaan holds his head. Surili tells Rajni that Rajni made a small roti, and asks her to make a bigger one. Rajni makes a large one and its funny situation. Rajni impressed everyone by her culinary skills.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Varsha is leaving the house after comes to know about Kuhu’s truth and Shaurya’s betrayal. Everyone asks her to stop and asks Shaurya to leave. Varsha stops from leaving. Kuhu calls her Maa, and melts Varsha’s heart.

Jamai Raja:

Yash reaches hospital and tells unconscious Sid that he will kill him. Sid doesn’t see his face, but just hears him. Once Joker leaves, Sid gets up from bed and makes a strategy to trap joker. On the other hand, Shabnam has changed and became a good person. Sid and Shabnam take disguise of banjaras and save Shabnam’s sister. Shabnam goes to divert the goon and then falls in trouble. Sid comes to save her. Shabnam changed by her sister’s kidnapping. She is emotionally touched seeing Roshni and Sid love Ayesha so much, knowing Ayesha is not related to them. Sid scolds the goons and gets into a fight. Sid and Shabnam succeed to save Shabnam’s sister. Sid and Shabnam become good friends. They will get together to fail Yash’s plans.


Adarsh and Swadheenta will get on better terms. They get together for a secret mission for their work. They both pretend to be husband and wife. They get disguised and stay as a couple. Adarsh teases her of wedding night and gets beaten up by her. Adarsh’s dream has come true to make Swadheenta his wife, still not for real. They have few romantic moments. On the other hand, Suhasini has chosen a girl for Adarsh.

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Rani Gayatri has taken Chandi avatar by holding a fire torch in her hands. She has come as Badi Rani Maa’s fear. She will take revenge for Rana ji and Gayatri’s pain and sufferings. Gayatri says I will punish you and not spare you for your crimes. Badi Rani Maa got much scared. Badi Rani Maa is guilt conscious and feels Gayatri is alive, if she comes back, I will be in problem. Badi Rani Maa gets the bad dream and then imagines Gayatri. She is scared thinking what will happen if Gayatri comes in reality. Badi Rani Maa is in tension and still thinks of palace and Rana ji’s property.


Rishi and Tanu meet in the party. He tells her about his numerous girlfriends. Tanu gets jealous. Rishi holds her hand and takes her. Tanu decided to stop Rishi’s engagement.

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