Sesha gets attacked by Ritik; Much drama to unfold…



Sesha is madly in love with Ritik. She tries to consummate her love relationship and takes Shivanya’s avatar. Sesha tries hard to get close to Ritik and attract him by her beauty. Ritik slaps her hard and Sesha gets angry. He holds her neck and scolds her. She takes her naagin avatar. Ritik catches Sesha in her Naagin avatar. Ritik puts some tantric given powder on Sesha to control her. Sesha makes an exit.


Later on, A puja is going on in Ritik’s house. Sesha was in Ritik’s sister’s avatar, and then she came to her original avatar. Yamini tells Ritik that there is naagin in the house. Yamini asks Ritik who will save us from this naagin. Yamini provokes Ritik to catch the naagin. Sesha and Ritik have an extended fight sequence. Sesha tries to suffocate him. Ritik gets breathless. He attacks on Sesha. Sesha leaves him as her love stops her from killing Ritik. Ritik controls her by keeping Guru Maa’s given ring on her forehead. Sesha turns vulnerable and runs away from there.


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