Simar to save Roli once again; Paatali Devi’s twist to come…



The devil asks Prem to give Chandramani. Prem, Simar and others throw Chandramani at each other. Devil is angry at them and tries to get the chandramani. He holds Simar’s neck and asks them to give chandramani. Roli puts the chandramani in the fire as Simar asks her to destroy it. The devil gets angry and kidnaps Roli in anger before vanishing. Devil feels that whoever have touched the chandramani for the last time will gain powers, and he will try to recover powers from Roli now. All the family members are shocked. Simar will try to get her sister back anyhow. Tantrik reaches there, but doesn’t know how to catch the devil. Simar has gone to take blue flower from the jungle to control the devil. The devil gets to know this, and goes to kidnap Roli. Dr. Prerna has entered the show. The devil captures Roli and takes her away. Simar runs them and was getting hit by a car. Dr. Prerna saves Simar. She will be befriending Simar and new twist will come.

Simar has got Paatali Devi statue. There is connection with Paatali Devi and devil. The devil has kidnapped Roli and brought her to his home to sacrifice her. He demands the statue from Simar. Simar unwillingly gets the statue to get Roli freed. Siddhant was taking the statue. Simar stops Siddhant, and he does not listen to her. Simar thanks Prerna to get the blue flower and says this would be big help. Simar runs with Siddhant and reached the Devil lok with the statue. The devil asks for statue. Simar gets Roli on her side and throws the statue to ruin devil’s plans. Simar will take Roli with her, but will devil spare them after the statue gets destroyed.


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