Beating exam stress approach by Gokuldhaam society….

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Gogi is appearing for board exams. Taarak, Jethalal, Babuji and everyone meet Gogi to inspire him and encourage him. Gogi feels pressure by everyone’s hope. Everyone gift Gogi and ask him to perform well. Gogi goes and locks himself in the room. He decides to not go for the exam. Tappu Sena gives some tips to Gogi to do well in the exam. Babuji gifts a pen to Gogi and blesses him. He asks Gogi to work hard and then he will succeed. Gogi’s parents have high hope and Gogi is tensed. Sodhi tells Gogi that he has to be like Tappu sena. The show brings the parents and children’s view on exams pressures felt by children and results expectations of parents. Gokuldhaam society members get to know Gogi’s problem and solves his exam stress and pressures. Keep reading.





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