TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week




Laksh and Ragini have taken seven rounds again. Ragini’s saat phere with Laksh. Ragini says this time we both got married happily. Ragini says Laksh loves her and good days will come now. Swara and Sanskaar are happy for Ragini.

Tashan E Ishq:

Twinkle gets beaten by the neighbor ladies. Yuvi has planned and blamed Twinkle to hurt Mahi. Yuvi and Anita get glad seeing Twinkle’s face blackened. Kunj sees this and gets shocked. He runs to save Twinkle and shouts on the Mahila Sanghatan. He asks who are they, Twinkle is his wife, who are they to mistreat Twinkle. Twinkle says Anita tried to make my face black, its tough day for me, its very disturbing. Kunj saved Twinkle and she is out of jail too, but Yuvraj and his mother is still after her.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki does the prayers for Navratri. Pandey family is doing Bhakti. This navratri will be special, as Vasundara has started a test between Thapki and Shraddha. She will be first checking their tolerance. Shraddha is still acting clever and is ready to play next trick. Thapki and Shraddha light the diya. Shraddha has done something to make Thapki lose. Shraddha heats the diya handle and wants Thapki’s hand to burn. Thapki gets Mata Rani chunri and holds diya with that chunri. She gets saved and does aarti. Shraddha slips and Bihaan holds the aarti diya. Thapki holds both the aarti diyas and does aarti alone. She wins the first test by Vasundara.

Jamai Raja:

Sid and Roshni romance and hug. DD comes to them and scolds Sid. DD has slapped Sid. DD has lost her memory and wants Sid to be away from Roshni. DD tries to make them away.


Emily and Om got married. There is a twist in the marriage. Emily took this step to give motherly love to Sparsh. She feels Purvi died because of her. Om questioned Emily whether she can return back Purvi, and who will take care of Sparsh. Emily agreed to marry him and take responsibility of Sparsh. Bhabho accepts Emily’s decision heartily and welcomes her back in Rathi house along with Om and Sparsh.


Anita has got a kid’s ghost in her. Anita turns kiddish and behaves like a kid. Vibhuti and Tiwari get shocked seeing her.


The families are in Tara’s village and celebrate Gangaur festival happily. Tara makes a idol and all the kids tease her on the statue. Naksh compliments Tara for making the idol. He supports Tara and helps her in decorating the idol. Rajshri and Jasmeet give the chunri to Varsha. Ananya comes there and everyone get surprised. Ananya looks upset, while everyone hide about Kuhu. Naksh’s friend Sanju comes for his wedding celebrations. Ananya and Ranveer bring injured Shaurya there….. Everyone get shocked seeing him. Bhabhimaa asks how did this happen. Ananya says its because of me, I was on call and Shaurya saved me from getting hit, and he got injured.

Siya Ke Ram:

Ram gets tearful eyed when he gets to know that Dasharath is no more. Bharat and Shatrughan meet Ram and give him this shocking news. The brothers cry and hug Ram to share this sorrow. Ram runs to Kaushalya and Sumitra seeing them in widow clothes. Guru Vashisht gives the ashes kalash to Ram. Bharat wants Ram to come back with him to Raj Bhavan. Ram gets to know what all happened there. Ram is sorrowful for Dasharath’s death. He does not express his pain as he has to manage his family. The brothers’ love will be seen. They are together in the moment of pain and immense sorrow. Bharat tries to convince Ram a lot. Ram refuses to go back and asks Bharat to return to Ayodhya, as Ram has to fulfill his father’s promise. Bharat tells him he is not equal to him and can’t take his place. Ram is in dilemma seeing his family in pain. Ram sends everyone back, and decides to stay back in the van with Sita and Laxman.


Viplav decides to go back home after Dulaari makes him understand that he should be with Dhaani in his house, and to fail Raja’s evil plans. Raja thinks of an evil plan to get Dhaani. He sends all family members to a temple including his wife to make his evil plan work. Dhaani looks for family members and sees the house empty. Raja informs her that he has managed to send everyone to temple so that he can spend time with her. Dhaani warns him not to touch her. Raja pushes her on chair. Dhaani gets scared, but fights with him with strength and runs to save her respect. Just then Viplav arrives there to save his wife. Dhaani hugs him happily. Raja gets tensed thinking Dhaani might reveal his bad intention to Viplav. Viplav beats up Raja for eyeing his wife.


  1. Oh!!! God at last raglak united hope it’s not a dream bcoz I read that shekar will be againstbthis marriage…..crossed fingers for raglak….

  2. At last raglak united…… hope it’s not a dream bcoz I read that shekar will be against this marriage nd will also humiliate lakshya while he comes to ask for ragini’s hand……crossed fingers for raglak….

    • Dear WW Di is it u this is Sanjana
      And thanks for spoiler
      And in spoilers page always WordPress username is displayed
      And if this is ur name I promise that I won’t reveal it and anyway very nice name Di and I am glad to know my bestie name
      I just opened the page and ur comment was popping out
      Sorry if I have hurt u and pucca promise won’t reveal
      And it’s ok u don’t have to reply Di it’s perfectly fine Di
      The dp made me think it’s u if not I am sorry

      • no dear…. this is not my real name….. and the one in my dp was only draupadi… and yes me WW only….. i know that when u comment here our name gets posted here but if u can u change it…. and forgot no sorry??? if u want to know my real name then will post it in wordpress siya ke ram fan club site…..


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