Naitik’s arrival to bring happiness in Yeh Rishta…



Naksh comes with Sangram in the wrestling ground. Sangram fights with the wrestler and wins. The opponent challenges Naksh to see his strength. The villagers say they want to say if city guy Naksh is deserving of Tara. Naksh says he will not let Dada ji’s name get spoiled. Naksh fights with the village wrestler and everyone see the match. Naksh has taken the challenge and he has to show his powers. Naksh runs to get saved from the wrestler. He shows his speed and then gets caught by the wrestler. Naitik has come to the village to celebrate and enjoy the functions in Naksh’s marriage.

Naitik reaches there and sees the match. He encourages Naksh and gives him tips to win. He says I used to teach you such things in childhood and asks him to recall that time. Naksh recalls how he used to win over Naitik in mock fights in childhood. Naksh wins over the wrestler. Everyone get glad. Naksh is doing this to marry Tara. Naitik hugs Naksh. Akshara meets Naitik. She is annoyed as he was away for much time. Naitik apologizes to her for not attending all functions. Akshara was postponing the marriage, and Naitik came to surprise her and make Naksh’s marriage take place on time.


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