Another merger episode of SSK and Swaragini on Colors



Swara and Simar will be searching for Chandramani together in the Merger episode of SSK and Swaragini. Finally, Simar gets Chandramani and she will stop pralay from happening. Simar reaches home and sees Roli’s prayer meet happening. She frees Sid from the effect of evil as he was the one who have thrown Simar out of house and blamed her for Roli’s death. There will be two Chandramani’s (one is the new witch) in the house and the new storyline will bring a new twist. Bharadwaj family are celebrating Baisakhi festival, just one day after Roli’s prayer meet. Amma ji says we are celebrating this festival in memory of Roli, but we are not happy. Simar asks Uma to make all sweet dishes of Roli’s choice. Prerna (Simar’s friend and psychiatrist) asks them to wear punjabi attire during the celebrations. They decorate the house with flowers. Very soon Sid will be possessed by the ghost.


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