TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week



Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi has filled sindoor in Tanu’s maang. Pragya cries recalling Abhi. This is the new promo of the show. In filmy way, Pragya will come and stop Abhi and Tanu’s marriage.


Dharam is unconscious. He does not know what’s happening around him. Gaura is shifting Dharam. Gopi and Kokila want to take Dharam. Gaura kidnaps Dharam from Gopi’s truck. Kokila asks Gopi to drive truck fast. Gaura has taken all the evidence and went away with Dharam. Later on, Modi family stop the goons and take over Dharam again. Kokila starts beating the goons by her power. Gopi, Kokila, Ahem and Jigar deal with the goons to teach them a lesson. Ahem takes unconscious Dharam to the court. Its about Meera’s life and death. Meera is waiting in court to get justice.

Balika Vadhu:

There is new entry of Dr. Amit Goel in the show. Avinash Sachdeva will be playing a MBBS doctor. Avinash’s entry will happen in the show. Nimboli is working with Amit. They are trying to save a patient in operation theatre, but then the patient dies. Amit scolds Nimboli for being careless. The medical scenes track will get prime highlight in the show now.

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Sandhya is at the same hospital where Arzoo is treated. Sandhya is there as per her plan to meet Arzoo, and stop the minister from brainwashing or hurting Arzoo. Sooraj and Sandhya make efforts to meet Arzoo, before media and police take Arzoo’s statement. Sandhya gets hit by the minister. She gets locked in storeroom. She is framed badly in the case by minister Purushottam. Sandhya finds a way to escape from the AC ducts. She will reach to save Arzoo. She has to clean the stain on her uniform and expose Purushottam. Sandhya will be succeeding in proving Purushottam’s crimes.


Rana ji dresses as a common man. Rana ji says husband is wife’s servant. Rana ji has become his wife Gayatri’s servant. Gayatri smiles seeing Rana ji. Rana ji wears accessories and clothes of a servant. Rana ji did everything well to get that look. Its romantic scene between them. Rana ji and Gayatri kiss and relive their love moments. Chetan Hansraj will be entering the show. He will have enmity with Rana ji. He will be killing Rana ji and Gayatri, after which there will be leap in the show.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai?:

Saxena starts doing suicide drama. Saxena wants Angoori Bhabhi to be back and asks Tiwari ji to do anything to get her back. Angoori ji will be making a comeback.


Swara and Sanskaar meet on the terrace. They have a romantic date. Janam janam…..plays…………… Sanskaar presents a beautiful gift for her. They are together on a perfect date, its romantic scene, they want to say something in signs, they got these romantic moments after long time. Sanskaar and Swara plan their date. Sanskaar and Swara decided that they will not consummate their marriage till things get fine. After everything got well now, the couple consummates their marriage with a romantic union.


Tanu gets missing before her marriage. Rishi jumps from the window and goes to find Tanu. Rishi is mad for Tanu. She disappears after the roka. Rishi looks for her everywhere. Rishi and his friend have become detective to find Tanu. Rishi and Tanu’s love refusal and denial game is still continuing.

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Raman and Ishita miss to see each other, while they get together to help Ruhaan in the medical emergency. Shagun and Ishita too land in same restaurant, but do not come face to face. Raman and Ishita feel some connection with Ruhaan. Raman meets rockstar Ruhaan, and does not know Ruhaan is Ruhi. This is the first time Raman and Ruhi met properly, and share a talk post leap. Ruhaan does not show her identity. Ruhaan has lots of emotions in heart. Ruhaan can’t say her identity and can’t hug Raman.

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Jamai Raja:

Jamai Raja Sid has taken disguise of a sardar this time to get Roshni’s engagement party. He has reached there to save his wife from getting engaged to anyone else. Roshni and Amol’s engagement is happening. Roshni kept condition that Sid makes her wear the engagement ring. Sid has taught lesson to Roshni’s to be fiancé Amol by doing much drama. Sid says I have made Roshni wear ring infront of everyone. Sid has to do to get DD’s memory back.

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Adarsh tried to make Swadheenta realize her feelings, and took up the challenge to win the Bharatnatyam dance competition, her dad’s consent and her heart. Adarsh succeeds in making his love mutual. Swadheenta confesses her love to Adarsh, while Adarsh was heading to get engaged to Vanshika.

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Dasharath tries to separate Dhaani and Viplav and stop their remarriage plan as proposed by Sushma. He calls his strict sister home and introduces Dhaani as Viplav’s sister. Dhaani and Viplav are shocked. Dasharath asks them to cooperate and don’t behave like husband and wife infront of Dadi Bua. Viplav and Dhaani find themselves trapped in difficult situation. Dasharath decides to get Shalu’s marriage done. Actress Ishita Ganguly will be entering the show. She will be a grey character and would fall for Viplav. She will be creating a rift between Viplav and Dhaani’s love.

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