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All the couple of Rathi house lifts their wives and run during the fun games kept at home. Bhabho wants to celebrate Emily and Om’s marriage. Bhabho kept the function to bring happiness home. Sooraj won the competition. Vikram couldn’t lift his wife, but Chotu lifted Arzoo easily. Emily and her new husband Om take part in the competition, but stay aloof from each other. It is yet to be seen what Om will do. Bhabho senses the bitterness between Om and Emily. Bhabho decided to do something to sort out the problems. Sandhya tells Sooraj that she is going to her mayka and teases him. Sooraj asks her to go. Sandhya’s prediction goes wrong and she thought Sooraj would stop her. Sooraj asks her to go and enjoy the vacation. Sandhya gets surprised. Sooraj understands Sandhya is teasing him and pulls her leg. Meenakshi tells Bhabho that she will tease her Vikram and test his love too.


saathiya kokila

Kokila determines to protect Meera and reaches Gaura’s house. Gaura ties Kokila, Gopi, Ahem and Jigar on to the wall so that they can’t help Meera. Kokila says she will not leave Gaura.


yeh hai mhbtn9

Mihika sees Ishita in the hospital and tells that she is her sister. She asks Ishita to open eyes. Mihika comes to know that her sister is alive after 7 years, when she came to search Raman in the hospital. She couldn’t meet Raman and found Ishita instead. There was a hijack drama to unite Raman and Ishita. When Ishita gains consciousness, Mihika tells her about her marriage. Ishita says she is very happy for Romi and her. It is yet to be seen how Bhalla and Iyer family react seeing Ishita, and what will Raman do.


Tanu and Rishi romance in the party. Rishi holds her hands and dances with her on a romantic song. Tanu dances with Rishi and couldn’t hide her emotions. Tanu thinks Rishi flirting with her. Rishi comes with her fiancee Neha for dinner, but dances with Tanu. Pavan and Neha gets jealous seeing Rishi and Tanu’s chemistry. It is yet to be seen what Tanu’s fiance Pavan will do seeing their romance. Tanu goes from there upset.



Rana ji fights with Kaal as Kaal tries to kill him with sword. Kaal tries to kill Gayatri, but stabs Suwarna instead. Gayatri shoots at Kaal, but the bullet hits Rana ji. She cries and drops pistol shockingly. She tries to make Rana ji well, but in vain. Kaal then holds Gayatri and tries to kill her. It was Badi Rani’s conspiracy. She tells them that she will punish them and brings Kaal to end Rana and Gayatri’s story. It is yet to be seen if they will be killed. There will be a leap in the show, and new characters will be seen. Rana ji and Gayatri may not be part of the story.


Naksh tells Tara that he will take baraat back. Tara gets tensed. There is a misunderstanding between them. Naksh asks Tara to come aside and talk to him. Tara goes following him. Actually, Naksh gets prenuptial marriage papers, and he gets angry. It is all done by Preeti who got the papers made. Everyone is tensed and shaken up, and doesn’t know if the marriage will happen or not.


Simar prays to God to save her Prem from Chandramani. Like always, Simar cries and asks God to give her strength to save her family. She shows anger towards God. Jhanvi tries to stab Simar. Simar holds her hand and applies sindoor on their forehead. Just then her memory comes back, and Jhanvi asks what happened? Even her mum in law’s memory comes back. Simar have the challenge to save her other family members.

Hamari Bahu Rajni_Kant:

Rajni dresses up like Helen and tries to woo Shaan, and sits in his car. She will perform on Helen song. She has changed her avatar to catch the culprit and free Dhyan from police station.


Ritik accuses Shivanya for killing her dad. He says your avatar and love is fake. Shivanya says my love is true and I love you very much. Ritik recalls their romantic moments. Yamini gets tensed and tells Ritik that Shivanya has killed your Papa. Ritik moves far from her. Shivanya stabs herself. Ritik gets shocked.


Swara’s feet is injured. Sanskar sees blood coming out from her foot and takes her to room. Ragini comes to apply bandage, but he bandages Swara’s wounded foot. Swara and Sanskar have united and their love is for forever.



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