Ishita to meet family; Ruhaan to create troubles…


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Ishita has reached hospital after the melodrama in the hospital. Raman rushes Ishita to hospital, after she gets wounded. He does not see her face and takes her for humanity sake. Raman wishes the lady gets fine and leaves. Mihika sees Ishita in the hospital and tells doctor that she is her sister. She asks Ishita to open eyes. Mihika comes to know that her sister is alive after 7 years, when she came to search Raman in the hospital. She couldn’t meet Raman and found Ishita instead. There was a hijack drama to unite Raman and Ishita. When Ishita gains consciousness, Mihika tells her about her marriage. Ishita says she is very happy for Romi and her.

Ishita and Mihika share a talk about the past and have a great time. Aaliya takes their pics. Mani and Aaliya cheer up Ishita. Ruhaan lands in Mumbai and meets Ishita to trouble her. Ruhaan tells her that he can’t do her shoot. Ishita says you can’t do this, you signed contract with us. Ruhaan says its business, I can break any contract, the rival company is paying double to me. Ishita and Raman have hit and miss situation. Adi will be meeting Ishita. He gets shocked seeing Ishita alive. Ishita does not realize its Adi. Mihika does not tell Bhalla family that Ishita is alive. It is yet to be seen how Bhalla and Iyer family react seeing Ishita, and what will Raman do.


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