TGI Friday’s Spoilers




There will be big twist in the show. An old enemy Viren rages on Shivanya for playing a game with him. Shivanya had bitten him and he was in coma since long. He has come back to take revenge. Even this time, Viren fails. Shivanya shoots Viren down and says you had to die, the revenge for fulfilled, you got out of coma to get killed by me, you got punished for your deeds. Yamini sees Ritik and Shivanya and gets shocked. She thinks she had killed Ritik and Shivanya, and fells as if she is seeing their souls. Rajat Tokas as Nevla will be coming back in track and will be having love track with Yamini’s daughter Amrita. Ritik and Shivanya’s re-entry will create a buzz in the show. Yamini is doing everything to get Naagmani. Yamni gets confused and thinks Sesha has taken Shivanya’s avatar to get Naagmani. Ritik and Shivanya will get new twist with Azhar’s movie actors in next track.


Ishita is restless after meeting Raman. Ishita requests to drop her at airport, as she can’t stay here for long. Mani does not know reason for her sudden step and agrees to her being her good friend. He drops her at airport. Ishita then gets a call and she changes her decision to leave from Delhi. Mani gets confused. Ishita will be meeting Raman after seven years.


Tanu feels jealous seeing Rishi dancing with Neha. Rishi wants to marry her, but Tanu did not accept his proposal. There is much drama. Rishi and Tanu are making each other jealous by dancing with other partners. Rishi and Tanu love each other. Rishi and Neha dance on a romantic song. Rishi has intention to make Tanu jealous, as he was jealous when Tanu danced with Pavan. Rishi serves drinks to guests. Tanu feels bad and could not express her love. Rishi understands Tanu loves him and is unable to say.


Gaura has kidnapped Meera, Gopi and Kokila. There will be much kidnapping drama. Ahem will be going to save his family. Ahem maybe dying while fighting with Gaura.

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi:

Natasha would be coming between Dev and Sonakshi’s love. Dev and Sonakshi meet on a romantic date. Sonakshi thought to express her love to Dev. She is unable to confess feelings. She tries to tell Dev that she loves him. Natasha joins them on dinner. Dev tells Sonakshi that he did not invite Natasha. Natasha will fall in love with Dev. Sonakshi will have to face a tough time with this new love triangle.


Aryan’s mother pushes Aradhya from the terrace. Aradhya falls down and lies in the pool of blood. Aryan runs to her, and shouts. Aradhya gets unconscious and is taking last breath. Aryan’s mother looks on from the terrace. He shouts and loses her senses. He asks Aradhya to get up, and hugs her crying. He asks her to come back to life, and feels like losing his breath. Aryan asks his mother what did she do, and shouts. Aryan’s mother felt Aradhya will die, but Aradhya will survive.

Siya Ke Ram:

Surpanakha goes to meet Ram, while he was plucking the lotus from waters. Surpanakha acts to drown and asks for help. Ram saves her life. Surpanakha then tries to attract him by her beauty. Ram does not get in her trap. Surpanakha tries different ways to woo Ram and get close to him. Sita gets to know about the pretty lady Ram met at the lake, and gets jealous. After Laxman gets to know about Surpanakha’s madness for Ram, Laxman gets into a fight with her. Laxman cuts her nose while trying to cut off her nails. Sita raises objection to a woman’s humiliation. She tells Laxman that the outcome of insulting a woman will be harmful for them too.


Dhara is happy to know about upcoming inter school cricket tournament. She starts training the students best way and is sure that her team will win. Dhara is excited to make her school team get name and fame by victory. Dhara then gets to know that Mihir has arrived in Meerut.

suhanilogo new

Suhani realized how Dadi cheated her once again. Suhani gets to know about her daughter Yuvani. She heads to Birla house and breaks out the truth to Pratima and everyone. The family is glad to know about Yuvraaj’s son Yuvaan. Suhani is angered at Dadi for lying to her. Suhani confronts Dadi about her lie. Dadi justifies her lie and says she wanted to keep one of Yuvraaj’s child with them. Suhani is requested to stay back at Birla house. Soumya fears to lose her control on Birla family, and also worries for her daughter’s future. While Yuvraaj is away for work, Suhani stays back in Birla house on Yuvaan and Yuvani’s insistence. Dadi asks Soumya to join her, if she does not want to lose her rights and place to Suhani.


  1. KRPKAB spoilers is interestin as the love triangle will make them realise their love for each other, exicited to watch todays epi.
    YHM is also suprb I wnt IshRaRuPiAdi to join soon.
    Swaragini, TPK, Tamanna Spoilers pls


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