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After, the leap I was very happy with Suhani’s strong personality. Especially her first scene, in which she fired that model who had a mark on her face. I thought at least now she’ll be able to answer Evil Dadi well.. But the moment she steps back into Birla house she is back to the old meek Suhani. Has she forgotten that she is a vamp of the fashion industry? She needs to answer Dadi like she spoke to that model. It’s past time she takes control of situations rather than let Dadi get away with it all.

Dadi lied to her and stole her baby. Even now the stupid Birla family stands by her, as if she did something great by separating Yuvraj, Suhani and their kids. It’s sad that she hasn’t learnt her lesson till now. Her role in bringing Barbie also needs to be revealed to the whole family. They have to kick her out. Then let her reform and return to the family, and become a positive character.

When Yuvraj comes back he is going to be angry with Suhani. That’s when Sambhav needs to come to the Birla house and support Suhani. Yuvraj should realize his loss. Suhani should start having feelings for Sambhav and then Yuvraj should crawl and beg before getting her back. (Personally, I would prefer it if Yuvraj and Suhani never get back together. Let him live with Soumya only. They’re perfect for each other- both self-centered people. Suhani will be better off with someone like Sambhav.)

Or it could be shown that the kids find out the truth and pair up Yuvraj-Suhani and Sambhav-Soumya. Even then Suhani needs to grow a backbone and stand firm against Dadi and she shouldn’t forgive Dadi or Yuvraj so easily.

TR would like to thank Hannah for the input.

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22 responses to “HAVE YOUR SAY!! — Hannah on SSEL”

  1. Tabi Avatar

    Nice hope it’s true

  2. preetiduggaraju Avatar

    I loved every bit of what Hannah said. Perfect and bang on!
    How can Suhani let go off her right on the child she gave birth to? She should fight with that Dadi who has stolen the child and kept it as secret from everyone.

    How can everyone forget what Dadi has done? How come they are quiet about this entire episode…? I am actually waiting for Yuvraj’s reaction – as to what he would say to Dadi for cheating the entire family again? Who the heck is she to decide about the mother and a child?

    Soumya for heavens sake stop being selfish and desperate! Be noble and give up “so called assumed” rights…..Sad even in this age they are showing stuff like this? We should stand against like this!!

    1. Hannah Avatar

      Thank you!
      Dadi has an excuse already for separating the twins. When Yuvraj comes, she will say she did it for their good and Yuvraj will forgive Dadi again. I’m fed up of Yuvraj forgiving Dadi always. Suhani made a mistake of making Sajan stay and this has made Yuvraj hate her. What about the hundred mistakes Dadi made? He forgives Dadi every time. He doesn’t deserve Suhani’s love.

  3. poppy Avatar

    TOTALLY AGREE, with Hannah, and I also would like Suhani NOT GET BACK WITH YUVRAJ.

    1. vani Avatar

      Dear poppy u dont know real love means

  4. Nitisha Avatar


  5. Angel Avatar

    Or jo suhani ne kia wo nazar nae ata kisi ko leap se pehle suhani ne hi zidd ki ti ke sajan ko rakhna chahiye ab wo bhugat rahi hai khud ki galtiyo ki saza

    1. Hannah Avatar

      Suhani made a mistake of making Sajan stay and this has made Yuvraj hate her. What about the hundred mistakes Dadi made? He forgives Dadi every time. He doesn’t deserve Suhani’s love. If he truly loves her he should forgive her.

  6. Kay Avatar

    Suhaani should take both her kids and the kids deserve to know who is there mum & there relationship to each other. Suhanni stand up for you kids they deserve that…then let the complete birla family know she is there mum & she has every right on both kids. Souyma is very selfish and suhaani always gives up for her for once take stand like independent woman they show you to be. Also she should kick souyma out as legally she still you yuvraj wife so even if they were married it counts for nothing

  7. Mo Avatar

    Suhani was pregnant at the time when sajan came into the birla house. Her hormones were all over the place. That why sajan took the advantage, and did what he did. This is Yuvraj fault that his sister died. Suhani told him enough time that someone is trying to kill her,but as always he never listen to her. To me it feel like that this relationship is a disaster, and it is. When suhani needs yuvraj the most, he is never there. Yuvraj does not love suhani whole heartily, that why he treats her the way he does. The reason why Hannah that yuvraj always forgive Dadi is because, yuvraj love her the most, he love Dadi more than his own mother and now daughter. I believe Yuvraj has that right to whom he love. Yuvraj is not stupid, he knows that Dadi got something to do with it, what I hate about him is that he choose to ignore it, he doesn’t care what well happen to the person. For yuvraj as long Dadi doesn’t get caught, that is what is most important to him. Think about it, every time, suhani well yuvraj that something is wrong here, the first thing he does is scream at her. When suhani made that one mistake, look what he did. For this I don’t want them to get back together. Yuvraj is at peace with soumya in his family, even though he doesn’t care for her and her daughter.

    1. Hannah Avatar

      According to this story, Yuvraj is supposed to love Suhani and support her.. not Dadi. It’s a love story between Suhani and Yuvraj. He told her he “loves” her, which is why she calles off her wedding to Rohan and went back to him. Yuvraj isn’t stupid but he is ignorant. He chooses to believe his Dadi is innocent and always right.
      Maybe this show should be renamed as “Yuvraj aur uske Dadi” or “Dadi aur Birla family”.

  8. Lucy Avatar

    I have thought about it of how to write this down, what I see When it to indian drama is that the writers make women like suhani, sweet, kind, godly, homely and great cook girl. But when it come to independent, strong mind women, they are bad. Well I am independent and I can’t cook, does that make me bad. No I am compassionate person, I just don’t let anyone to walk all over me. Look what the writers did today episode of suhani, if my ex mother in law did that to, I won’t sit or stay there I would have got her arrested for kidnapped. But oh no suhani is kind hearted good girl like her don’t do THAT. So what kind of messages is the writers of india are doing. In real life, suhani to marry a guy who does not love her, is not real. I have never heard of it, the writers make it okay, to stay in a marriage like that, but it is not, I worry about girls who thinks like that. I believe Indian woman have to stand up, and change things. Because if they don’t the future for indian woman are black.

  9. Niyati Avatar

    I think that the kids should know the truth and yuvani should confront dadi and go away from her, that when dadi will understand her mistake. And suhani should be angry at yuvarj and dadi for keeping her child away, and should not forgive yuvarj easily. The kids should do something to unite Yuvarj and Suhani, and not to make soumya and krishna’s life miserable soumya should marry shambav, and he should accept krishna.

  10. lizzybetfelix Avatar

    i really do not understand why suhani will keep on going through the same intimidation over and over again in the hands of Dadi, Rags, Mehinka and now Soumya, when she is supposed to stand up and speak up for herself,she is still showing unnecessary respect for the Birla family especially dadi, i think now is the better time for her to open up on the Barbie saga, all she hiden all these years, it is time to spill it all out and make dadi understand that she is in control now,i don’t understand why these shows is making Indian daughters- in-laws look so weak and helpless in front of their mothers- in-law, or grand-mothers-in-law in the case of this show and mere agne meh which i have stopped watching by the way,though from West Africa, i love everything and anything Indian and i don’t want to believe that this is the way that daughters-in-law are being treated for real, i believe there is a difference between respect, fear, intimidation and tradition, i will really be disappointed just as i am disappointed with these shows.

  11. Kay Avatar

    Yavani & Yavan should know the truth about there relationship…yavani should go with suhani. She was shown as independent woman & she should maintain that to leave
    with her kids & let yavraj & birla family learn the hard way..let them feel the pain
    Nobody has right to separate mother from her child and expertly with filthy lie she told

  12. Joe Avatar

    It is mainly men that writes stupid script like this or weird woman. That is why many Indian woman are committed suicides, because they can’t tell what is right for them. I agree with lizzybetfeix and Lucy, this fairy tails romance is not real. These shows want woman to bow down to men, MEN stays in power. But if you do your research the actress that play suhani is divorce in real life. Which MEANS THERE IS LIFE AFTER DIVORCE. Let’s help indian woman by making Suhani move on with her life, with out yuvraj.

  13. lizzybetfelix Avatar

    i managed to watch part of yesterday’s episode not up to 10minutes and i totally disagree with the track of the story and where it is heading, how can they pitch friends against each other in the case of Suhani and Soumya, Sharad and Yuvraaj, they are telling us that the bonds of friendship and that of a husband and wife is so weak that it can not withstand any kind of conspiracy, take out time and watch all most all starplus shows, you will find out that once something happens, the relationships between friends or couples collapses, the couples do not always stand by each other especially the men, when their wives needs them the most, then after the other person might have gone through a lot and is proven innocent, they will now show the men/ saying a dumb sorry, and the women like a humble and sheepish wife will simply accept them back without making them realize the women’s worth or show them that what they did was wrong, are we women this weak?, i for one i am not weak at all, what is these men superiority shows about, for instance, Soumya knowing fully well who dadi is,whom she has fought together with Suhani is now joining hands with the same dadi to chase the same friend who stood by her and even fought for her when others and even this same dadi was against her and forgave her of all her wrong doings out of her husband’s house knowing the truth of why Suhani left the house, instead of her fighting for Suhani she is now fighting against her out of her selfish reasons allowing dadi to manipulate her against Suhani again, if we can remember this is not the first time this is happening, can people really be this dumb and why are they showing that friendship and marriages are so fragile which just about anything can destroy and friends are betrayers and destroyers of homes, the only show that is exempted from these mindless plot in the saas-bhahu range is Diya aur batti, they wanted to try it and they saw it was not working people preferred Sandsraj being together they have to stop the track, this people should please stop feeding us with these painful tracks, i personally, i am tired of it.

  14. mo Avatar

    I know that you haven’t update yet, but I have been on this other website. Everyone there is calling YUVRAJ TO DUMBRAJ, it is so funny. 😀

  15. vani Avatar

    yuvraj please u first realize ur dadi mistake and take care of ur son yavaan and told yuvvan and yuvvani has real parentes are u and suhani . So u please marry suhani only not sowmya> siwmya is selifish and worst women in this serial

    1. lizzybetfelix Avatar

      sorry Mo, for starters i am not an Indian,that’s why my spellings are not correct.

  16. Kay Avatar

    Yuvraj should look out for his son yuvan but he spends all his time on kristna
    Yuvan & yavani deserve to know who there parents are and soyma is not looking out for yavani does she not deserve to be happy. Soyma is selfish and horrible person does
    Not deserve any thing so maybe sahani should take kristna away from her so she knows how it feels to lose your child

    Stop the nonsense of marriage

  17. vani Avatar

    yuvaan and yuvvani both are to unite your mamma suhani and pappa yuvraj they are good parents to u

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