Kabir’s re-entry brings dramatic enmity track in Naagin…



There will be big twist in the show. An old enemy Viren rages on Shivanya for playing a game with him. Shivanya had bitten him and he was in coma since long. He has come back to take revenge. Even this time, Viren fails. Shivanya shoots Viren down and says you had to die, the revenge for fulfilled, you got out of coma to get killed by me, you got punished for your deeds. Yamini sees Ritik and Shivanya and gets shocked. She thinks she had killed Ritik and Shivanya, and fells as if she is seeing their souls. Rajat Tokas as Nevla will be coming back in track and will be having love track with Yamini’s daughter Amrita. Ritik and Shivanya’s re-entry will create a buzz in the show. Yamini is doing everything to get Naagmani. Yamni gets confused and thinks Sesha has taken Shivanya’s avatar to get Naagmani. Ritik and Shivanya will get new twist with Azhar’s movie actors in next track.


Kabir has made a re entry in the show. Kabir and Amrita have got engaged. Kabir started to take revenge from Naagin Shivanya. Kabir is the Nevla and Shivanya’s enemy. Kabir has come with his fake parents and made relations with Raheja family. Amrita gets drunk and meets her inlaws. The engagement gets done. Amrita does not know Kabir’s real intentions. Kabir has his plan ready to tackle Shivanya. Kabir and Shivanya’s enmity will start. Shivanya does not see Kabir in engagement. Shivanya will be seeing Kabir’s face during Raj tilak ceremony.


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