Rishi and Tanu’s short separation next in Kasam



Rishi have confessed love to Tanu and says he will marry her only. Tanu couldn’t confess her love and limits her love only to her heart. Though she is in pain, she hides her feelings. Rishi angrily asks her to confess and grabs knife threatening to kill himself. He couldn’t see Tanu getting engaged to Pavan. Tanu folds her hands and asks him not to increase her troubles. She snatches knife from his hand and gets her finger injured mistakenly. Later when she is brought for the engagement.

Rishi looks on sad, but after looking at her injured finger ring, he gets happy. He celebrates with his friends. It is a nice twist as Tanu wears ring on her right hand finger, and Rishi gets happy thinking proper engagement haven’t happened. Tanu is disheartened because of his mummy’s taunts. It will be tough for Rishi to prove that Pavan is not right guy for Tanu. Pavan asks Tanu to dance with her. Tanu agrees, but looks at Rishi while dancing with Pavan. Rishi gets upset.

Rishi and Tanu meet to have a final talk. Rishi promises Tanu that he will not come infront of her again. He cries and tells her that he will never come back. The separation fear will make Tanu confess her feelings to Rishi and stop him from leaving.


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