TR’s Median Spoilers Zing


Median zing spoilers


Kabir has made a re entry in the show. Kabir and Amrita have got engaged. Kabir started to take revenge from Naagin Shivanya. Kabir is the Nevla and Shivanya’s enemy. Kabir has come with his fake parents and made relations with Raheja family. Amrita gets drunk and meets her inlaws. The engagement gets done. Amrita does not know Kabir’s real intentions. Kabir has his plan ready to tackle Shivanya. Kabir and Shivanya’s enmity will start. Shivanya does not see Kabir in engagement. Shivanya will be seeing Kabir’s face during Raj tilak ceremony.


Raman has slapped Adi hard. Pihu’s life fell in risk because of Adi. She stands in the middle of the road and shouts for Adi. Ishita saves Pihu in nick of the time. Raman gets angry on Adi and slaps him. Pihu gets saved. Ishita and Pihu witness Raman and Adi’s arguments. Ishita consoles Adi. Raman calls Adi foolish to risk Pihu’s life. Adi was planning to unite Raman and Ishita. Adi wanted Ishita and Raman to meet, and did this. Ishita understands Adi’s pain and hugs him. Adi cries and tells her about Raman’s behavior. Raman scolds Ishita and leaves with Pihu.


Naira is blamed for Vicky’s death and then Sukanya’s suicide. Sukanya jumps from the train and commits suicide. Naira goes away from family to run away from the tension. Naira hides in the train toilets and avoids answering everyone. Akshara cries and tries to find Naira. Akshara and family find Naira in the toilets. Police reaches there and thinks Naira has pushed Sukanya from the train. Akshara makes Naira conscious. The show will be taking a leap soon.


Rishi and Tanu meet. Rishi promises Tanu that he will not come infront of her again. He cries and tells her that he will never come back. The separation fear will make Tanu confess her feelings to Rishi and stop him from leaving. Rishi exposes Pavan. Rishi and Pavan have an argument. Tanu cries realizing Pavan’s truth.


Chandramani fell short of her powers and goes towards the sky flying to get some powers from moonlight bath. Simar asks Chandramani about Mata ji. Simar has succeeded to get Prem and family back from Chandramani’s illusion world. Chandramani fools all of them and laughs. She is ready to trouble them again.


Annapurna goes to shoot Rajat in defense and Uttara gets shot. Ragini, Swara and everyone come there. They stop Rajat. Rajat takes Swara and leaves from there. Swara gets kidnapped. Its high voltage drama. Sanskaar and Laksh rush after Rajat to get Swara saved. Swara is kidnapped and Parineeta is back in wounded state. Rajat will try to kill Swara, and a new entry will be joining the show. Anuj Sachdeva would be entering the show.

Siya Ke Ram:

Surpanakha writes a letter to Sulochana, asking her to send royal jewelry. Meghnadh gets to know this and informs Raavan. He tells Raavan that Surpanakha asked for her jewelry to impress a hermit. He gets angered as Surpanakha is eyeing the hermit Ram, who is their enemy. Raavan tells Meghnadh that Surpanakha has always been crazy since her childhood and her decisions were random. Raavan decides to go to Panchwati and keep a close eye on Surpanakha’s activities. He wants to stop her from doing anything crazy again.



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