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Ishi Maa is known for her good values and right upbringing. The way Aaliya reacted on Shravan’s chatting matter, she has proved Ishi Maa’s upbringing wrong. Aaliya fooled Shravan by lying about her identity. She then meets Shravan and lowers his confidence by calling him a loser and big fool. Aaliya does not apologize to him well and instead vents her anger out on the poor chap. What kind of Ishita’s values did Aaliya showcase? Then when Adi went to confront her, Aaliya filed molestation case against Adi. I don’t want to see Aaliya turning negative. She can make Mani against Ishita also.

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Raman has been always extreme. Be it romantic or arrogant. Why does he always blame Ishita? He has taken decision to send Ruhi to Nidhi, when Ishita was fearing to lose Ruhi. Ishita refused to send Ruhi even when she was losing her own baby. Raman did not remember he convinced Ishita. Just because she called police to be on safe side, it does not mean Ishita made big mistake to depend on police. Nidhi would have won both days, with or without police interference. Ruhi’s transformation into Ruhaan and fooling everyone by male identity is just passé idea. YHM can come up with some close to reality logic.

TR would like to thank IshRa fan for this input.

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