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Sasural Simar Ka may be top TRP runner. I wonder how the show is pulling TRPs by such content. SSK is creating a bad example for disbelief and superstitions. Many things are tested in that serial. Simar is always shown fighting with devils and evil spirits. Poor Bharadwaj family does not have any peaceful time. In beginning, Simar’s show was around Simar and Prem’s love story. It was good family drama. It revolved around some love triangles and Simar’s role in solving family problems. Also, Siddhant and Roli’s romance was cute and sweet.

SSK got hit only because RoSid and Simar-Prem love and romance. I don’t think SSK needs supernatural drama always to keep it running well. The show can do well without any evil spirits also. All major shows are surviving without supernatural themes. YRKKH is also about joint families and relations. YRKKH does not bring such haunted spirits to uplift TRPs. Simar show should get some practical tracks. It can better take a leap. Young cast and new characters, love stories and drama would be good. I feel romance can help SSK more than evil spirits drama.

TR would like to thank Shweta for her input.

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