Rajni to take Aishwarya’s avatar, More surprises for Surili…

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Surili is celebrating her birthday with her family members. Rajni makes arrangements for her sasumom’s birthday along with her family members. She brings whistle, balloons and decorations to surprise Surili. The highlight of the party is cake which is truly in bengali style, to make Surili happy. Surili gets happy seeing fish shaped cake. Rajni’s style is different from the rest, as she wears tie with blouse.

Rajni has replaced the house maid Aishwarya. She talks like Aishwarya and takes the same getup. Rajni is sure that she can do any work. Surili challenges Rajni to finish all the work. Rajni takes the challenge. Surili thinks Rajni will manage all the work. But Rajni becomes Aishwarya and starts charging money for all the work. Rajni adds up to Surili’s problems. Surili regrets to challenge Rajni.






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