Big twists with Sahil and Swara’s track in Swaragini…



Sanskar is in shock. Ragini cries miserably and they couldn’t believe that Swara is dead. Police tells them that Swara couldn’t be found, although they got Rajat’s dead body. Ragini and Sanskar tell that they will search Swara and says she is alive. Sahil will save Swara, but she will lose her memory and forgets Sanskar’s love for her. Sanskar is in Swara’s death sorrow. Sanskar got depressed. Swara’s memories are troubling Sanskar, he is unable to stay away from her. It’s a game of fate that his life got depressing. Laksh and Ragini support Sanskar in this tough time. Laksh hugs Sanskar.

Sahil is a rockstar. Swara is getting inspired by him. She is also trying to play a musical instrument. She sings Hasi bangaye….. Sahil plays the music and falls in love with Swara. Sahil has given the tune to her words. Sahil gave a new life to Swara. He has started connecting with Swara by music. They both get friendly. Ragini is shocked seeing Swara after that accident. She finds Swara happy and wonders what happened to Swara. She realizes Swara has lost her memory and gets worried. Sahil’s mom kicks out Swara out of her house. Swara cries and has to inform her family about her survival.



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