Sesha-Kabir’s fight to get deadly in Naagin



There is Icchadhaari honey bee in the show. The honey bee enters Sangram’s body. But his Ved ji applies the honey lep on Sangram’s stomach. The honey bee leaves Sangram’s body. Sangram has changed and wants the Naagmani to handover to someone. Shivanya’s mum had a connection with Sangram Singh. They both protected Naagmani. Shivanya’s mum appears to meet Shivanya and convey her a message.


Shivanya and Kabir are dancing in the engagement party. Everyone is in retro look. Sesha is in Amrita’s look and dances with Kabir. Everyone is trying to make the marriage function rocking. There will be new twist before Kabir and Amrita’s marriage. Guru Maa will be killed by Kabir. Either of Sesha or Kabir will be dying after their Naagin-Nevla fight. Keep reading.


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