TR’s Median Spoilers Zing


Median zing spoilers


Shivanya and Kabir are dancing in the engagement party. Everyone is in retro look. Sesha is in Amrita’s look and dances with Kabir. Everyone is trying to make the marriage function rocking. There will be new twist before Kabir and Amrita’s marriage. Either of Sesha or Kabir will be dying after their Naagin-Nevla fight.



Raman and Ishita are helpless to do ballroom dance. They look perfect in love. They are together for the ad shoot. Raman argues with Ishita about switching the ad shoots schedules. Ruhaan comes there and sees them arguing on the sets. Adi gets worried seeing their fight. Adi gets them together for uniting them, but Ruhaan creates problems. Ruhaan argues with Mani and Ishita and shows tantrums. Ruhaan refuses to shoot the ad for Mani’s company. Ruhaan will be just obeying Niddhi’s orders. Adi and Ruhaan are against each other now.


Sahil is a rockstar. Swara is getting inspired by him. She is also trying to play a musical instrument. She sings Hasi bangaye….. Sahil plays the music and falls in love with Swara. Sahil has given the tune to her words. Sahil gave a new life to Swara. He has started connecting with Swara by music. They both get friendly. Sahil’s mom is angry with Swara and dislikes her. She kicks out Swara out of her house. Swara cries and has to inform her family about her survival.


Prem romances with a Daayan who is in disguise of Simar. The real Simar who has turned into a bee starts bothering him. Prem gets irritated and starts hunting the bee. He takes a book to hit the bee. Simar/bee flies away from Prem to save her life. Prem wants to express his love to Simar. The Daayan gets worried and tries to maintain distance from him. Prem makes her wear a beautiful necklace and flirts with her. We have to see how Prem realizes Simar’s love. Fake Simar has to give her Agni Pariksha. Her saree gets burnt at the time of aarti. Then Chandramani gets to know Siddhant has got her powers. Simar’s problems have increased.


Aradhya and Aryan’s love has turned into hatred. Aradhya enters Aryan’s house without his wish. Aradhya has law by her side and threatens him. Aradhya moves Aryan and Purva aside and steps inside the house. She argues with Aryan and does her own Grahpravesh. Aryan has decided to trouble her and not let her live peacefully. Aryan says a Devdasi will not be his wife, Purva is his wife who has entered the house with elder’s permission. Aryan is very angry and decides that he will give his wife’s rights to Purva. Aryan will make Aradhya’s life difficult now. Aradhya says I m your legal wife and will not go anywhere.


Abhi and Pragya have a sweet nok jhok again. Abhi has kissed Pragya’s hands infront of Tanu. He has given prize to Pragya for making delicious aloo parathas. Pragya smiles happily. Abhi praises Pragya. Abhi and Pragya argue to decide to share their earnings. Pragya asks him to prove his talent. They both decide to have equal partnership.

Jamai Raja:

Some goons attack Roshni’s fashion magazine office. They also wanted to attack Roshni. But Sid reaches there to save Roshni. Roshni says Sid always saves her, this is the only thing consistent after many hurdles. Sid is in Roshni’s thoughts. Later, Sid shows the beautiful memories of Roshni and him on the projector. Roshni gets surprised. Sid does not let Roshni get away from him. Sid and Roshni’s love has just become memories of their love. Their love has now turned into just memories, but time has changed, Roshni has changed and became Ragini, she stops herself from falling for Sid. Sid and Roshni dance on Bolna mahi bolna…. And have an eyelock. Roshni gets flowed in emotions.

Balika Vadhu:

Sudha’s bidaai was happening. There is revelation that Sudha is pregnant. The bidaai stops. Nandini tells everyone that Sudha is bearing her husband’s child. It has to be seen whether Sudha’s bidaai happens or not.


  1. sorry to say but indians dramas are sometime intresting but most of the time very boring this is bcoz of their talend of dranging the track for more than a year or more……aur wese bhi agr in me draging nahi ho gi to yee….dramas kaise kehlaye gay 😀 😀

  2. Swaragini…….
    Again a new partner for swara….ha ha ha??
    First it was Laksh…thn sanskaar….and now saahil….
    There was a huge fanfollowing for Swasan……if that jodi is also broken like like swalak then this show is sure to become a flop.


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