Akshara and Naira to have dramatic meet in Rishikesh



Akshara and Varsha have gone to Rishikesh to do a special puja to find Akshara’s lost daughter Naira back. Naira has changed a lot and plans to dupe the tourists for money. Akshara goes to pray at Ganga ghat by doing a puja, so that she gets her daughter. Akshara’s prayers gets answered and Naira comes there. Akshara and Naira come infront of each other. Something falls in Naira’s eyes and she does not see Akshara. Naira stumbles and Akshara holds her. She hugs Naira and does not know its her Naira. Akshara and Naira hugged, but Naira has not seen Akshara. She leaves from there.

Akshara realizes that its Naira, and rushes to stop her. She asks Naira’s friend Pungi to tell her about Naira. Pungi is mute and does not answer Akshara. Akshara asks Pungi about Naira’s dress which Pungi is wearing. Akshara gets upset on failing to find Naira. Naira comes to Pungi and Pungi tries telling about Akshara. Naira is arranging money to save an ashram. Kartik and Naira have an argument and they both try to scare each other. In upcoming track, Kartik will be uniting Naira and Akshara.


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