Aryan and Aradhya’s unexpected tie-up in Krishnadasi



Aradhya and Aryan’s love has turned into hatred. Aradhya enters Aryan’s house without his wish. Aradhya has law by her side and threatens him. Aradhya moves Aryan and Purva aside and steps inside the house. She argues with Aryan and does her own Grahpravesh. Aryan has decided to trouble her and not let her live peacefully. Aryan says a Devdasi will not be his wife, Purva is his wife who has entered the house with elder’s permission. Aryan is very angry and decides that he will give his wife’s rights to Purva. Aryan will make Aradhya’s life difficult now. Aradhya says I m your legal wife and will not go anywhere.


Aryan and Aradhya are together on their wedding night. They are handcuffed and are locked in the storeroom. They both are annoyed with each other. They show attitude to each other and argue. She asks him to let her sit and he refuses. She pulls his hand and they both fall down. Their nok jhok finally ends and they fall asleep. Aradhya sees Aryan is sleeping peacefully and does not disturb him.


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