Neil and Anya’s entry adds more twists in Jamai Raja


jamai raja

Some goons attack Roshni’s fashion magazine office. They also wanted to attack Roshni. But Sid reaches there to save Roshni. Roshni says Sid always saves her, this is the only thing consistent after many hurdles. Sid is in Roshni’s thoughts. Later, Sid shows the beautiful memories of Roshni and him on the projector. Roshni gets surprised. Sid does not let Roshni get away from him. Sid and Roshni’s love has just become memories of their love. Their love has now turned into just memories, but time has changed, Roshni has changed and became Ragini, she stops herself from falling for Sid. Sid and Roshni dance on Bolna mahi bolna…. And have an eyelock. Roshni gets flowed in emotions.

Sid and Roshni are very much in love, but till then realize their mistakes, it will be too late. Roshni gets to know about Sid and Anya’s marriage. Sid and Roshni always unite and get separated. They always have some conflicts. Roshni cries and proposes Neil. She wants to marry Neil so that she can forget Sid. Roshni proposes in a filmi way. Sid witnesses this and gets sad. There will be dramatic twist with Anya’s pregnancy. Keep reading.


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