Rajni to unite Kant family with emotional logic



Rajni is a robot, but has emotions too. She stopped a family from breaking in her sweet unique style. Amrish accepts Gyaan in the family and hugs him. Surili happily cries. Rajni understands emotions and has her different thinking. She has made things possible, which Shaan could not. Amrish was dividing the property and jewelry. Amrish asks Gyaan, Dhyaan and Shaan to choose the jewelry or parents. The twist comes when Rajni chooses Amrish and Surili. She says there is no one more valuable than parents. She tells everyone that Amrish loved them equally and did not divide his love, then how can children ask for any division. Amrish respects Rajni more. All the sons hug Amrish and the family gets a happy moment. Rajni can do anything, and this makes Shaan fall in love with the super robot.



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