Romance, nok jhok and drama continues in Kumkum Bhagya



Abhi and Pragya always fight. Their nok jhok is increasing. Pragya and Abhi fall and have an eyelock. They express love to each other via eyes. Dadi comes there and greets them good morning. She asks them to get up now. Abhi and Pragya get embarrassed. They start arguing infront of Dadi. Abhi shows husband’s tantrums. Pragya shows the wifey attitude. She says we have equal rights now. She calls him his boss and he can’t refuse to her for anything. Abhi teases her and does not give her food. The scene gets romantic.


Later on, Abhi wakes up and goes to Pragya. He covers her with the blanket and says good night. Pragya greets him too and acts to be sleeping. Tanu comes in their room and checks if they really slept. Tanu has become a thief and steals the locker keys from Pragya. She opens the locker and steals some cash from it. She then keeps back the keys with Pragya. There is much romance between Pragya and Abhi, with Tanu bringing new twists ahead.



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