Ruhaan’s avatar to end; Ruhi turns up as Ishita’s PG



Raman argues with Mr. Bhalla and says he wants to marry Shagun for Pihu’s sake. He says Pihu regards Shagun as her mum, I don’t care what everyone says behind them. Later, Raman goes to change clothes and gets into an argument with Adi. Raman forgets to wear his pant, just like SRK scene in KKHH. Pihu makes Raman realize about it. Everyone bursts into laughter. Raman says its party theme and leaves from there.

Meanwhile, Ruhi goes to her new flat arranged by Niddhi and gets surprised seeing Ishita. Ishita does not recognize her. Ishita asks have we met earlier, I think I have seen you. Ruhi tries to avoid Ishita and tells Ishita that she is new in this city. Ishita does not identity Ruhaan’s face seeing Ruhi, by seeing the long hair. Ruhi shifts to the new flat as PG. She scolds the agent for making her share the flat. She then agrees to stay for just one day and asks him to arrange new flat for her. Ruhi acts rude to Ishita. Ishita smiles seeing her. Ruhaan has turned into Ruhi finally. Ruhi is her real form now. There will be much drama with both Ruhi and Ishi Maa staying together.


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