Simar in ‘fly’s avatar’ to save Prerna’s life



Prem romances with a Daayan who is in disguise of Simar. The real Simar who has turned into a fly starts bothering him. Prem gets irritated and starts hunting the fly. He takes a book to hit the fly. Simar flies away from Prem to save her life. Prem wants to express his love to Simar. The Daayan gets worried and tries to maintain distance from him. Prem makes her wear a beautiful necklace and flirts with her. We have to see how Prem realizes Simar’s love. Fake Simar has to give her Agni Pariksha. Her saree gets burnt at the time of aarti. Then Chandramani gets to know Siddhant has got her powers. Simar’s problems have increased.

Fake Simar thinks just Prerna can keep the family united. Simar/fly goes to stop Prerna from drinking the poisonous milk. Chandramani knows Prerna can make her lose. She makes a plan to kill Prerna. Simar tries to warn Prerna. She falls in the milk, which makes Prerna throw the milk. Chandramani’s plan fails. Simar/fly troubles Chandramani and fake Simar. She fails all their plans after hearing their conversation. Chadramani gets a magical locket and will be catching Simar with it. Keep reading.



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