Naira’s return calls for a huge celebration in Singhania Family



Akshara has found Naira and got her back in Singhania house. Akshara does Naira’s aarti and welcomes her home. Naira is not able to forget Sukanya’s incident. Gayu hugs Naira and asks everyone to celebrate. Everyone get happy meeting Naira after many years. Naira holds Akshara responsible for her state. A misunderstanding made Naira away from home. When she has returned home, she finds everything changed. Naira was made helpless to come back home and still hates Akshara. She feels Akshara is pretending to show love. Naira gets gifts for Kuhu and Mishti from Rishikesh. Akshara’s motherly love will end Naira’s annoyance and clear all the misunderstandings in her heart.



  1. Hiii……..
    Gyz u knw i love ur team and aap log ko pta hai k miss nayra & gaayu ap log bhoot acche ho nd……

    Miss nayra aap bhoot danger ho but bhoot beautiful v hoo……….

    N miss gaayu aap v bhoot cute n sweet ho………

    And aap sab bhoot acche hai but miss nayra i don’t knw k ap danger ho ya nhi butt u r soo swt…….

    Gyzz pllz agar ap log mera cmnt seen karte hai so pllz req uuh ap log mere wtsappp no. Pe aap apne autograph send kar de to me iss world kaa sbse jada khus nseeb person ban jauga……….

    Saksham shukla


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