Ramayan’s new Adhyay begins after Sita-haran…



Sitaharan’s planning has been started by Raavan. Raavan has sent Ram and Laxman away as per his plan. He goes to Sita and could not cross the Laxman Rekha. He moves back and takes a Rishi’s avatar. He calls out Sita and asks for Bhikshak. Sita gets food for him. He starts scaring her about her husband if she disrespects a Rishi. He asks her to step out of the ashram and give him Bhiksha. Sita goes out and he holds Sita’s hand, getting to his true Raavab’s avatar. He throws the food and shows his evil side. Sita tries to run away and gets far from Raavan. Raavan catches her.

Jatayu tries to stop Raavan and gets hurt. Jayatu gets injured and falls down. Raavan takes Sita in his air chariot and leaves for Lanka. Ram and Laxman reach the ashram hurriedly and get shocked seeing Sita missing. Laxman blames himself for Sitaharan. Ram and Laxman find Jayatu. Jatayu informs Ram about Sitaharan done by Raavan. Jatayu takes his last breath and dies in Ram’s lap. Raavan takes Sita to Lanka. Ram and Laxman will go to Lanka to get back Sita. With the final 14th year of Vanvas getting tough for Ram and Sita, it will bring many twists leading to Ram-Raavan’s war. Keep reading.



  1. Any idea when Siya ke Ram will end, before or by December 2016? The TRP is not that fantastic too. The cvs are experimenting too much in the pretext of showing Ramayana from Sita’s perspective, my entire family stopped watching after we felt that the story is being distorted in the name of creation, can’t blame actors as they do what is told .
    Would very much like to see Aashish Sharma in another contemporary drama after this show is over.
    Just a personal opinion: Rudra and Parvathi was better than Ram and Sita.


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