Sheena’s entry to turn Thapki jealous



Bihaan dreams of Katrina and takes her name in sleep. Thapki goes to him, and hears him taking Katrina’s name. She gets jealous. Bihaan likes Katrina a lot. Thapki confronts him about his dream and argues with him. He tells her that it’s a small thing, why is she making it a big issue if he took Katrina’s name in his sleep. He asks her to answer him about what he told her in his total senses. The family gets to support Bihaan and make Thapki confess love for Bihaan.

Bihaan’s childhood friend Sheena enters his life and tries to woo him. Thapki gets jealous seeing their closeness. Bihaan mingles with Sheena well which doesn’t go well with Thapki. Thapki comes infront of Bihaan’s bike, as he is going on a long drive with Sheena. Thapki insists to go with them. Sheena asks her to sit at back side, but Thapki says she can’t sit at back, and insists to sit in between them. Sheena lets her sit. Thapki sits in the middle as Bihaan drives off. It is family’s planning to make Thapki realize her love for Bihaan. Vasundara tells Thapki that she will get Bihaan married to Sheena. Thapki gets panicking seeing Sheena winning family’s heart in no time.



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