DABH Alert: Sandhya to expose Purvi’s truth



Sparsh has joined the Rathi family and gets love by everyone. All the family members pamper Sparsh. Sparsh sits on Babasa’s seat and asks Bhabho to get something for her. He wins Bhabho’s heart by his innocence. There is much drama in the show with Purvi’s plannings. Emily wants to get justice for Purvi. Sandhya will start spying on Maasa and find Purvi’s truth. Sooraj gets angry on Om, and scolds him for torturing Purvi. Sooraj is hurt knowing Om acted to marry Emily and cheated her. Sandhya will support Maasa after knowing truth, while all family members will support Purvi.


Sooraj tells Purvi that he will file police complaint against Maasa. Sandhya comes with Maasa and stops Sooraj. Sandhya believes Maasa and finds out Purvi’s truth. Everyone get to know Purvi’s truth and get against her. Purvi puts kerosene on herself and threatens everyone that she will burn herself alive, Sandhya will then lose her job and all the Rathi family members will be going to jail. Sandhya stops Purvi and takes the lighter from her. She gets the blank paper on which Purvi signed, and says I have written that whatever you do in our house, none of us is responsible for it. Meenakshi asks Purvi to burn herself now. Purvi gets stuck in her own plan. The family starts hating Purvi, and apologizes to Maasa and Om. Keep reading.


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