Kundan threatens Nandini with his revenge motives

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Kundan’s planning got successful. Nandini got married to Krish. Kundan is now ready to take revenge from her. He decorates the room for Nandini and spreads thorns under the rose petals. He is determined to trouble Nandini and make her life hell. Kundan dances madly on dhol beats to welcome Nandini.

Later, when Krish gets Nandini home. Kundan sends away Krish and misbehaves with Nandini. She gets shocked seeing Kundan at Krish’s house. Kundan breaks out the truth to her that Krish is his son. Kundan tells her that he made Krish marry Nandini so that he can take revenge from Nandini. She tells him that her love will win, when Krish knows Kundan’s truth, Krish will hate him. Kundan tells her that no one will know his truth. Nandini shouts to Krish for help. Kundan tells Nandini that when Krish knows his mother dies because of Nandini, then Krish will hate you. He blackmails her for not telling anything of their past to Krish. Nandini pushes Kundan and runs away. Will Krish support Nandini after knowing the bitter past? Keep reading.





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