Reunion, plannings and confusion drama in Swaragini



Ragini faints and falls down after serving food to her family. Everyone get shocked wondering what happened to Ragini. Actually Ragini and Laksh are doing drama and making everyone believe that Ragini is pregnant, but the thing is they decide to take Sumi’s baby whenever she gives birth to the baby, and adopt him/her as their own. They want to save the baby from society and will accept the baby as their own child without letting family know that it is actually Ragini’s sibling.

Swara comes home to meet Ragini, after knowing Ragini is pregnant. She congratulates Ragini and Laksh. She tells Ragini that she will stay with her to take care of her in her pregnancy. Swara does not know Ragini’s drama. Sanskar comes there and slips on the stairs. Swara runs to Sanskar by her genuine concern. She worries for Sanskar and behaves like before. Sanskar gets surprised and has hope that Swara will get their love memories.

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