Happy moments back in Sooraj-Sandhya’s life

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Maasa has kept best Jodi competition at home. All the couples try to prove they are best. Om and Emily dance and try to make Purvi jealous, to make her admit all her crimes angrily. All the jodis dance on superhit songs. Om and Emily dance on Do Dil mil rahe hai song. Emily has got to know Om’s truth and Purvi’s cheat. Emily and Om started falling in love. Sandhya has taken the bridal avatar again. She romances with Sooraj. The family is celebrating. All the bahus of Rahi family has become brides. Sooraj and Sandhya have a special dance performance in the function. Maasa then keeps second round for the couples. She asks few questions and asks the respective partners to answer. Sooraj eats the chillies to prove his love for Sandhya. Babasa does cheating and fails in the round.





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