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Median zing spoilers


Ishita stops Niddhi from beating Ruhi. She snatches hunter from Niddhi’s hand and starts beating her. Ruhi sees Ishita in durga maa avatar who has saved Ruhi. Ishita couldn’t see her daughter being beaten by Niddhi and gets angry. She asks how dare you touch my daughter. Niddhi screams. Ishita says I will break your hands. Ruhi tells Ishita that Niddhi have brought her up since 7 years and says she is my mum. She says who are you to come between us. Ishita leaves from there after asking Ruhi to take care.


Naira eats apple and it gets stuck in her throat. Akshara gets concerned for her and says anything would have happened and asks her to be careful. Naira says nothing has happened and says I am fine mamma, don’t worry. Akshara gets happy and smiles as Naira called her mum. Akshara calls Rajshri and shares the good news. She tells Rajshri that Naira called her mumma for the first time after her return. Naira and Akshara get together to stitch clothes. Akshara will slowly win Naira’s heart.


A woman is trying to hypnotize Aradhya. People are raising doubts on her intentions. A family member accuses Aradhya and tells Aaba saheb that Aradhya tried to kill him. Aradhya says he has entered my room and tried to misbehave with me. The woman is called to hypnotize Aradhya, as Aaba’s wife ghost enters her.


Rishi meets with an accident. His life is changing every moment while trying to prove that he is right. Pavan did his accident and came to hospital in disguise of a doctor. He asks doctor to check other patient and says he will check Rishi. He gets the proofs from Rishi. Rishi holds his hands. Pavan says he has his phone now, and he can never proof him wrong. Rishi have done so much for Tanu, and to prove his love. Rishi will run from the hospital to get proofs back from Pavan.


Pragya and Abhi have a romantic dance. Abhi surprises Pragya. Abhi is madly in love. He sees Pragya everywhere. He is going to propose Pragya again. Bolna mahi bolna……………..plays……….. Abhi showers rose petals on Pragya and gives a rose to her. Pragya likes the surprise and smiles. Tanu is present there to stop Abhi’s proposal. Tanu will ask Abhi not to propose Pragya and makes him swear on her baby. Pragya gets some call and gets worried.


Ragini was declared fashion icon. Media comes to Khurana house and asks about Roshni. Sid had a tough time talking to media. Neil have put her picture as the face of the company and that puts Roshni in an embarrassing situation. Anya tries to share Sid’s pain. Sid cries recalling Roshni.


Dev has cancelled his important meeting and asks Sonakshi to come on a long drive. Their unique love story is blossoming oblivious to their family members.

Tashan E Ishq:

Twinkle is searching her Kunj and ends up meeting Yuvi, starting a new love story.


Hanuman will be meeting Ram and Laxman. Ram and Laxman get in Anjan Pradesh. The monkeys surround them. Ram and Laxman try to find the route. Ram climbs the mountain. Hanuman hugs Ram and greets him. Hanuman tells Ram about Sugreev’s matter. Ram meets Sugreev and gets to know about Bali captivating Sugreev’s wife Roma. Ram will be helping Sugreev and fail Bali. Ram will be ending Bali’s Adhram. Ram and Laxman will be then proceeding to Lanka, along with Hanuman.



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