New offering from Colors – Kawach to bring supernatural love story



Kawach is replacing Colors’ Naagin. It is a supernatural love story, with the spirit Manjulika being madly in love with Rajveer. After Rajveer and Paridhi date for four years, Paridhi gives her nod for marrying Rajveer. Rajveer and Paridhi’s marriage arrangements begin, whereas Manjulika gets a medium to get close to Rajveer. Manjulika starts scaring Paridhi. Manjulika is the new Daayan. Manjulika dances with Rajveer in the engagement and enters Paridhi’s body. Paridhi behaves weird and upsets Rajveer. Manjulika gets sighted by Paridhi.

Later, Rajveer and Paridhi will be getting married. During the marriage, Manjulika sits with the bride and gets in between Paridhi and Rajveer. She gets all the rituals done, and takes wedding rounds with Rajveer. She is just seen by Paridhi. She is a spirit, and comes in between in every marriage ritual. Paridhi tries to tell Rajveer that Manjolika is here. Rajveer could not see the spirit, and does not believe Paridhi. Manjulika will be capturing Paridhi’s body to stay with Rajveer. The show starring Mona Singh, Vivek Dahiya and Mahek Chahal in lead roles will go on air on Saturday, 11th June 2016 at 8pm. Keep reading.


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