Meera and Vidya’s past incident to reveal in Saathiya



Vidya takes sweets for Meera. Meera slaps Vidya and scolds her. Kokila has got Gopi married to Dr. Krishna. She is now leaving Modi Bhavan forever. Pari and her bahu Sona start snatching the house after Gopi’s marriage. They trouble Kokila and ask her to leave from the house. Kokila does not regret to leave, as her life’s motives are fulfilled. She is glad that Gopi got a new life and wishes Gopi resumes her normal life. Meera blames Vidya that her life got ruined because of Vidya. After the leap of five years, the sisters drama and some secrets will reveal.

Meera was pregnant and had miscarriage. Post leap, Meera blames Vidya to be responsible for her miscarriage. Meera loves Vidya’s baby, but misses out on the happiness that could be hers too. Actually, Dharam’s daughter was behind that accident. On the other hand, Gopi comes to Modi house and gets angry on everyone, for treating Kokila badly and making her leave the house.



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