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Naira is singing and dancing in her room. Akshara sees her and smiles. Rajshri, Vishwamber and everyone play musical pass the parcel game at home.


Bhabhi ji GPH?:
Anita goes to Angoori and tells her that Vibhuti is coming home at night, and she is doubting him. Angoori asks what does she think about Vibhuti. There will be ghost drama in the show.

Aryan and Aradhya are leaving the house. There is emotional drama going on. Pavitra is crying, as she got to know the truth that Aradhya is her daughter, and Aryan is Tulsi’s son. Pavitra thinks how she troubled Aradhya till now and regrets a lot. She is helpless seeing Aradhya being kicked out from the house. She can’t do anything to stop Aryan and Aradhya.

Jamai Raja:
Sid goes to help Anya. Anya was aborting her child as she is helpless. Sid tells her that he will marry her and give name to her baby. Sid and Anya meet the lawyer to do legal formalities for marriage.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Shraddha’s father Sinha invites his boss and his family for lunch. Shraddha makes Vasundara do all the work. She then gets an idea to insult Vasundara. Shraddha becomes happy when the guests regard Vasundara as the maid, and Vasundara doesn’t say anything to clear the misunderstanding. Vasundara recalls troubling Thapki and accepts her fate. She repents for her misdeeds.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door:
Kailash finally succeeds in taking over Sujata’s haveli by all his wrong ways. Atharv and Sujata reside in the stable and continue to be his neighbors. Kailash gets shocked when he always finds Atharva around Vividha. Atharv decides to present Kailash’s true image infront of Vividha.

Siya Ke Ram:
Sita refuses to run away from Lanka, as she knows the motives of her arrival in Lanka. Sita knows that Ram has to come and kill Raavan to give him Mukti. Ram will be ending Raavan’s Adharm. Sita walks on the path of the fate chosen by Lord Vishnu and Devi Laxmi. Raavan gets unsuccessful to marry Sita. When his attempts fail one by one, Raavan makes her unconscious to forcibly marry her.

Chagan gets to know that Imli tried to commit suicide. Chagan meets Imli and proposes her for marriage. He tells her that he would marry her and accept her child. Imli refuses to Chagan. Suraj gets kidnapped and servant informs Imli about the same.

Krystle D Souza will be joining Kasam, and romancing Sharad Malhotra as the new lead. The show is going to take a leap after Tanu’s death. Rebirth of Tanu will be shown. Krystle will be the reborn Tanu, post leap and will have much age difference with Rishi. Their love story and a new chemistry will be seen.


Raja saves Rani from the goons. Raja’s friends kidnapped Rani and got her to jungle. When Raja gets to know this, he rushes to save Rani. Rani thinks Raja planned all this and scolds him. Raja and Rani’s noj jhok starts. Rani asks Raja to drop her till the main road. Raja and Rani leave from the jungle.

Suhani agrees to marry Sambhav just for Yuvaan’s happiness. Yuvraaj thinks Suhani really wants to move on, and is happy for her. He decides to lessen Soumya’s worries and insecurity by marrying her. Yuvraaj plans to keep Suhani and Sambhav’s marriage at Birla house, along with Soumya and his marriage. Dual wedding drama and celebrations will begin.


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