TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week




Twinkle kept her karwachauth fast for Yuvi while he is seen taking part in the boxing championship. She has kept fast for Yuvi for family, and Kunj returned after 5 years. He has become national boxer. He is angry at Twinkle and thinks his family got her married to Yuvi so soon. He feels cheated by his family and Twinkle. Kunj will not turn negative, but he will try to get Twinkle back in his life.


Rajni goes to temple as Shaan told her that he used to visit this time with Samaira whenever he is in problem. Rajni reaches there and rings the bell. Robot bahu’s visits temple to pray to God for Shaan’s love. She prays to God so that Shaan gets his love Samaira. Samaira also comes there and sits beside her. Rajni doesn’t know how to do puja and that’s why copies her moves. Samaira wonders why she is copying her. Rajni tells that she doesn’t know how to do puja and that’s why she is copying her. Just then a goon runs away with Samaira’s purse, but Rajni catches the thief and manages to get her purse. She returns purse to Samaira and their friendship starts. Rajni will realize her love for Shaan in her robotic heart. Rajni looks at Shaan’s wallet and thinks whether to open it or not. She lights 4 diyas as told by Shaan, without knowing that the woman in the temple is actually Samaira.


Ravi and Devika dance in the party on Janam Janam song. Devika is Ravi’s love, but she has become Ambika now. Nivedita tries to woo Ravi with her sensual dance moves. Devika/Ambika gets angry, but controls her anger. Ambika wants to take revenge. She couldn’t forget their romance and dances with him. Ravi ignores Nivedita as his heart strings is connected to Devika / Ambika.


Shraddha keeps brinjal bomb in kitchen to harm Thapki, but the bomb explodes and Shraddha jumps to save her life. Vasundara slaps Shraddha as she has filled explosive material in brinjal. Thapki says if she would have kept brinjal on stove then it would harm her. Shraddha scolds Thapki and starts blaming her. She blames Vasundara that they have done injustice to her and gets her married to Dhruv, knowing about his love for Thapki. Bihaan proves that it was Shraddha who planted bomb in the kitchen. Shraddha’s fake pregnancy truth is finally out to the family members. Vasundara warns her and asks her to leave the house. Dhruv takes her side and says if Shraddha leave from house then he will also leave with her. Thapki and Bihaan continue to romance on a rainy day.


Paridhi’s behavior and attitude has changed and she scolds bhabhi, and attacks Saroj under Manjulika’s influence. Manjulika does all wrong to malign Paridhi’s reputation. Later, Paridhi went to Balaji hanuman temple to keep her family protected by Manjulika. She is scared and she does hanuman’s aarti. She is doing aarti, but is very much scared of Manjulika. Manjulika tried all possible means to stop her from going inside the temple and attacked her. She even holds her legs to stop her from climbing the stairs. Rajveer helps Paridhi step on the stairs. Manjulika couldn’t enter the temple, but continues scaring her.

Jamai Raja:

Roshni and Neil take pheras and gets married. Roshni says this is seventh wedding on screen. She recalls her wedding with Sid. She has chosen Neil as her life partner unwillingly. Sid couldn’t see his Roshni as bride as he was not available. Roshni feels she is doing wrong, but go ahead with the marriage. It is big mistake and blunder of her life. Neil was tensed thinking that he will marry her not. Roshni says Neil is her official second husband now. Reporter says Neil came to know about Roshni’s truth partially, and he decides to marry up fast. He is head over heels to marry her, and that’s why gets married to her. Roshni is sad and hopes Sid will come and stops her wedding. It is yet to be seen what Sid will do now.


Raman and Ishita are happy and hug each other. Ruhi cries looking at the trophy and gets emotional. Ruhi will return to Bhalla house with Niddhi, and this is a big twist. Pihu forces Ruhi to come home. Ruhi gets trophy from Ishita and gets emotional. She is softening towards Ishita. The family members will not let Ruhi go from the house and will win her with their love.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya and Abhi continues to fight. Abhi scolds Pragya and doubts her for having affair with Champak. He gets insecure with Champak. Tanu challenges Pragya. Pragya decides to turn the table over. Abhi is about to sit on his chair for having food. Pragya stops him from sitting on his chair and says Champak will sit here. She feeds Champak with over loaded food with her own hand. Champak decides to bear Pragya’s third degree torture so that his lie is maintained. Pragya makes him drink bitter gourd juice and holds his nose so that he could drink. Abhi gets jealous seeing Pragya taking care of Champak. Champak says he will die if he eats too much and asks for water. Pragya refuses to give water and shocks him by saying that she has cooked much more food.


Kamya brings mehendi designer. She is actually chudail and applies mehendi on Simar’s hand which eventually changes Simar’s hand’s lines. Simar’s life will change after pil falling incident. Simar gets hurt after she falls down on the oil. Then Simar’s spiritual thread opens up which shocks the family. Simar gets afraid of chudail and shouts. Prem comes to her rescue. Chudail Kamya have scared Simar fully…and then laughs at her. Kamya tells that she has acted to scare them. Simar doesn’t like it as she has gone through lots of troubles because of the recent chudails. Prem scolds Kamya for her childish act.


Aryan has divorced his wife Aradhya and is marrying someone else now. God signs him that he is not doing right. Aradhya enters the marriage hall and tries to stop Aryan’s sister wedding, but the villain tells that they are being insulted by her. Aryan asks Aradhya to go. Aryan also gets his sister married to some guy.



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