Siddhant to marry Prerna; Simar realizes Kamya’s motives

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Kamya brings mehendi designer. She is actually chudail and applies mehendi on Simar’s hand which eventually changes Simar’s hand’s lines. Simar’s life will change after pil falling incident. Simar gets hurt after she falls down on the oil. Then Simar’s spiritual thread opens up which shocks the family. Simar gets afraid of chudail and shouts. Prem comes to her rescue. Chudail Kamya have scared Simar fully…and then laughs at her. Kamya tells that she has acted to scare them. Simar doesn’t like it as she has gone through lots of troubles because of the recent chudails. Prem scolds Kamya for her childish act.

Siddhant is trying to move on after Roli died. Siddhant saves Prerna when she falls down while doing decorations. He holds her and is falling in love with her. Siddhant tells his family that he is ready to marry Prerna and start his life fresh. On the other hand, Prem and Kamya play in water. They have a romantic moment, which Simar gets shocked witnessing this. Simar realizes Kamya’s motives to get after Prem. Simar slaps Kamya angrily.





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