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Median zing spoilers



Sandhya has given her resignation. She was very dedicated towards her duty, but seeing Sooraj’s state, Sandhya takes the decision to quit her police duty. Sandhya and Bhabho go to meet the commissioner. Sandhya gives her resignation. Sandhya removes her cap, badges and gives the police revolver. She tells the commissioner that she respects her duty and police department, but she has to be with Sooraj now. Sooraj is not able to run the shop. Sandhya will now manage the Rathi sweet shop and earn back Sooraj’s name. Bhabho cries seeing Sandhya resigning. Sandhya has earned her dreams with much hard work, and now she is sacrificing her dreams. DABH is Star Plus’ top show and will be going to end soon.


Mihika and Adi take Raman to Romi, and make him apologize. Raman and Ishita go with Mihika. Raman murmurs his frustration. Later, there comes a shock for Bhallas. Niddhi wins Ruhi’s custody. Raman and Ishita are helpless and could not do anything. Judge visits Bhalla family and tells everyone that she is giving Ruhi’s custody to Niddhi. This happened because of Niddhi’s planning. Niddhi shows Mrs. Bhalla and Amma quarreling badly. Judge tells Raman that such fights are not goof for Ruhi. Raman says its small issue, Niddhi has criminal cases on her. Judge tells them that they failed to keep a good family environment. Mrs. Bhalla cries and they lost Ruhi because of her. Ishita and Raman try hard to convince the judge to give them another chance. Ruhi will soon come back to Bhalla family.


Siddhant is trying to move on after Roli died. Siddhant saves Prerna when she falls down while doing decorations. He holds her and is falling in love with her. Siddhant tells his family that he is ready to marry Prerna and start his life fresh. On the other hand, Prem and Kamya play in water. They have a romantic moment, which Simar gets shocked witnessing this. Simar slaps Kamya angrily.


Bihaan surprises Thapki and gifts an aquarium. Thapki plays with the golden fishes and laughs happily. After much drama of Vasundara and Shraddha, Bihaan and Thapki get some quality moments. Bihaan wishes Thapki’s smile after stays on her face.

Yeh Kahan Aagaye Hum:

Maanvi’s brother is getting married. Rahul and Maanvi perform in the function. Rahul takes elder’s blessings. He goes on stage and sings a romantic song to express his feelings for Maanvi. He dances with Maanvi. They have a romantic eyelock.


Kartik takes part in the basketball game along with Singhania family. He becomes part of Gayu’s team and challenges Naira. Naira and Kartik play a basketball match. Kartik loses the match. Naira calls him a loser and teases him. Kartik angrily feeds the laddoo to her. Kartik throws the ball at Naira. She gets hit. Naira falls down and everyone get worried for her. Akshara runs to Naira and cries seeing her hurt.


Aaba Sahab was shooting Aradhya and Kumudini comes to between. He gets to know that Aryan is not his grandson, and Aradhya is his grand daughter. Kumudini asks Pradhyumna to shoot Aradhya, she is your granddaughter who got raised in my house. Pradhyumna gets shocked knowing how Kumudini swapped the babies. Pavitra gets Aradhya home. Pradhyumna throws the vase and gets his anger out. He asks Pavitra to do Shuddi Karan of Aradhya. Kumudini drags Aryan and takes him with her. Aryan and Aradhya’s love story got a halt. After knowing Aryan is Devdaasi’s grandson, Pradhyumna throws Aryan out of the house. Aryan gets shocked and leaves with Kumudini. Aradhya holds Aryan’s hand and they go to the temple. Aryan and Aradhya get married again. This time, they marry by their mutual consent. They take the wedding rounds and the nuptial vows again.

Kaala Teeka:

Kaali and Yug are marrying. Gauri dances in their marriage and is upto something to create trouble in Yug and Kaali’s married life.


Swara has got to know Sanskaar’s truth. Swara gets angry and asks him to give her divorce. Sanskaar tried hard to win her heart, but this did not happen. Swara did not listen to anything. This was all Sahil’s plan. Sahil will get new twist in Swara and Sanskaar’s story. Swara has asked for divorce infront of everyone. Sanskaar cries and tries explaining her.


Chakor’s mehendi function is done in the haveli. Kasturi and Imli dance happily. Tina’s mehendi is also conducted along with Chakor. But Chakor has planned to swap Imli with Tina.


Sita waits for Ram in Lanka. Hanuman reaches Sita and sings Ram katha. Sita gets restless and looks around. She thought its some Mayavi powers. Hanuman tells her few things which just Ram and Sita knew, and shared those moments together. Hanuman meets Sita and greets her. He tells her that Ram has sent him in search of her. He gives the ring to her to assure that he is really sent from Ram. He gives Ram’s message to Sita, that Ram would be arriving soon to save her. Sita happily cries.



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