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high fiver

Kumkum Bhagya:

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Pragya goes to Abhi, and sees him playing guitar. Abhi sings a sweet song. She sits hearing the musical song. Abhi sees Pragya relaxing hearing his romantic song, and spoils her mood by singing a shocking song. She argues with him for spoiling her mood. Abhi asks her to go to Champak, and their nok jhok starts. There is love, separation and pain. Pragya has tears of her immense love. Pragya tells Abhi that she does not love Champak. Pragya then gets dizzy and Abhi holds her. Tanu shows Pragya and Champak’s incomplete video. Abhi gets shocked seeing Pragya and Champak. Pragya tries to defend. Later, Purab shows the complete video, and then Abhi and Pragya’s misunderstanding gets cleared. Pragya tells Abhi that she loves him a lot, and does not want to lose him.


Kartik and Naira dance, along Naksh and Gayu. Rose and Yash get engaged. Rukmani and Nandini are now happy with the new relation with Rose. Kartik pushes Naira towards Akshara. Naira does not refuse to dance with Akshara, as she finds everyone happy. She does not want to spoil anyone’s mood. Akshara is happy seeing Naira taking steps towards her. Rose’s mother wants Rose and Yash to have Catholic wedding. Kartik’s Papa’s entry can happen in Yash’s engagement. Kartik’s family background will be shown.


Salman Khan will be promoting his movie Sultan in the show Udaan. Sultan will be supporting Chakor in getting Imli married to Suraj. Suraj tells Chakor that he got to know her plans, and her game is over now. Chakor gets shocked. Imli is dressed as the bride and waits to get married to Suraj. Sultan encourages Chakor. Chakor tells Sultan about Imli’s life at risk, I feel I should not take this risk. Sultan asks her not to be afraid and trust herself. Salman and Anushka will be making an appearance in the show.


Rishi’s love has turned into anger. Tanu has broke all relations with Rishi, as Rishi’s dad asks Tanu to stay away from Rishi and took a promise from her. Rishi’s dad wants to see Rishi getting married to Neha. Tanu is lost and keeps water bucket in the living room. Rishi walks seeing her and collides with the bucket. Rishi’s leg gets hurt and Tanu rushes to help him. Rishi reminds Tanu her words and asks her to be away. Rishi asks Neha to do the aid. Tanu gets jealous seeing them. Tanu gets ready for her sangeet and is worried for Rishi. Tanu wants to keep Rishi’s dad’s words. Pavan’s truth did not come out till now.

Jamai Raja:

Sid and Roshni’s dance blindfolded. Sid and Roshni’s love has everything which never happened before. Its Neil and Ragini’s engagement, but Roshni dances with Sid, unknown that its Sid and not Neil. Neil gets angry seeing Sid and Roshni dancing. Roshni takes an Egyptian look for her engagement. Roshni has thrown her dupatta over Sid’s face again and again. Sid holds her dupatta and they have an eyelock. Janam janam……………plays……………..



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